Wednesday, October 22, 2014
  1. Europe’s Essential Unity

    José Manuel Barroso
  2. China’s Choice

    Wong Chin-Huat

    China’s Choice


     outlines the Chinese government's three options for confronting the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

    China Hong Kong protests Paul Yeung/ZumaPress

    Much to China's chagrin, a major pro-democracy movement has seized the streets of Hong Kong. While China ostensibly has three options for responding to the demonstrations, only one serves its long-term interests: genuine political reform. READ MORE

  3. Venezuela’s Spectacular Underperformance

    Carmen Reinhart

    Venezuela’s Spectacular Underperformance

    &  point out that the country is 2% poorer now than it was in 1970.

    Nicolas Maduro Xinhua/ZumaPress

    Venezuela is a major oil-exporting economy that is so badly mismanaged that real (inflation-adjusted) per capita GDP today is 2% lower than it was in 1970, despite a ten-fold increase in oil prices. And now its president is lashing out at academics who have the temerity to point that out. READ MORE

  4. North Korea’s Incheon Landing

    Katharine H.S. Moon
  5. America’s Overrated Decline

    Joseph S. Nye

    America’s Overrated Decline


     explains why concerns about declining public trust in US institutions are misplaced.

    Newsart for America’s Overrated Decline Stephen Melkisethian/Flickr

    With the approach of the US Congressional elections, questions about the health of America’s political institutions and the future of its global leadership have become rampant, with some citing partisan gridlock as evidence of America’s decline. But is America's situation really that bad? READ MORE

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