Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  1. The Price of Scottish Independence

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  2. The Government Europe Deserves?

    Daniel Gros

    The Government Europe Deserves?


     examines the EU's new leadership and sees trouble ahead for efforts at further integration.

    European Commission headquarters TPCOM/Flickr

    The most sobering message from the appointment of the EU's new leadership is that the member states will not suffer anyone who might rock the boat and push integration forward. That might come as a relief for those fearing domination by Brussels, but it can only dismay those who hope that Europe can become a relevant global actor. READ MORE

  3. The Ghost of Hirohito

    Eri Hotta

    The Ghost of Hirohito


     says that Japan's new official record of its wartime emperor leaves him as a cipher.

    Japanese Emperor Hirohito Keystone/ZumaPress

    Japan’s Imperial Household Agency recently opened to public viewing a 61-volume record of the life of Emperor Hirohito, with a plan to publish it over the next five years. But it is already clear that the new record reflects Japan’s notorious inability to address fundamental questions about its past. READ MORE

  4. Asia’s Democratic Dark Spots

    Shashi Tharoor

    Asia’s Democratic Dark Spots


     weighs Asia's recent progress and setbacks in establishing democracy.

    Voting in Afghanistan Canada in Afghanistan/Flickr

    Democracy in Asia lately has proved to be hardier than many might have expected, with free and fair elections enabling the large and divided societies of India and Indonesia to manage important political transitions. But some Asian democracies – notably, Thailand and Pakistan – seem to be losing their way. READ MORE

  5. Europe’s Juncker Revolution

    Ana Palacio

    Europe’s Juncker Revolution


     reflects on the European Commission's structural transformation.

    Jean-Claude Juncker Jean-Claude Juncker/Flickr

    Everyone is talking about the appointment of the relatively inexperienced Federica Mogherini as EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. But individual commissioners are far less important than the shift in the European Union's structure and priorities. READ MORE

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