Saturday, April 18, 2015
  1. The Mealy-Mouthed West

    Ana Palacio

    The Mealy-Mouthed West


     argues that politicians’ addiction to meaningless rhetoric is a key threat to global order.

    Barack Obam Mohammad Khursheed/ZumaPress

    Among the numerous challenges the West faces, one is consistently overlooked: its addiction to meaningless rhetoric. When a country's strategic statements require endless interpretation and explanation, their impact on adversaries, allies, citizens, and government agencies is weakened dramatically. READ MORE

  2. Why Turkey Won’t Go Nuclear

    George Perkovich, ET AL
  3. Narrative Power in Turkey

    Dani Rodrik

    Narrative Power in Turkey


     asks why the liberal intelligentsia and many foreign observers supported political show trials.

    Turkey Piero Castellano/ZumaPress

    At the end of March, a retrial resulted in the acquittal of more than 200 Turkish military officers accused of plotting a coup in 2003 against the newly elected government. The question is why so many liberals and foreign observers believed in the credibility of the charges. READ MORE

  4. Winning Sri Lanka’s Peace

    Ranil Wickremesinghe

    Winning Sri Lanka’s Peace


     pledges to help Sri Lanka finally achieve peace and prosperity.

    Sri Lanka President Maithripali Sirisena Sri Lanka President Maithripali Sirisena/Gayan Sameera/ZumaPress

    Today, a half-decade after the end of its 36-year civil war, Sri Lanka has reached a pivotal moment in its own efforts to consolidate peace. The new government is determined to win that peace, and to help the country become a prosperous island of democracy, civility, and open society. READ MORE

  5. Nigeria’s Critical Election

    Ike Okonta

    Nigeria’s Critical Election


     hopes that Muhammadu Buhari's new government finally addresses the country's numerous challenges.

    Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari yang yang/ZumaPress

    After 16 years in power, the People's Democratic Party will no longer lead Nigeria’s government, having lost last week's presidential election to the opposition All Progressives Congress. The peaceful changeover – the first since independence in 1960 – bodes well for the country at a time when it is facing unprecedented challenges. READ MORE

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