Wednesday, August 20, 2014
  1. Asia’s Reform Trinity?

    Kishore Mahbubani
  2. Erdoğan and the Paradox of Populism

    Jan-Werner Mueller
  3. Japan’s Self-Defense Defense

    Joseph S. Nye
  4. Unjust Africa

    Aryeh Neier

    Unjust Africa


     denounces the African Union's decision to grant immunity to sitting heads of state.

    African Union Summit Maria Dyveke Styve/Wikimedia Commons

    At its recent summit meeting in Equatorial Guinea, the African Union formalized its decision to grant immunity from prosecution to sitting heads of state and senior officials. This is a transparent attempt to let guilty parties – including those who attended the meeting in Equatorial Guinea – off scot-free. READ MORE

  5. What I Learned From Vladimir Putin

    Chris Patten

    What I Learned From Vladimir Putin


     explains why he doesn't believe anything Russia's president says.

    Putin Hitler Mustache Sergii Kharchenko/ZumaPress

    Is Russian President Vladimir Putin, like most political leaders, predisposed to spinning the truth for his own benefit, or does he go beyond that, governing Russia and dealing with his neighbors and the rest of the world with reckless mendacity? Sometimes, in answering questions like this, we can draw on personal experience. READ MORE


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254 pages

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