Sunday, October 4, 2015
  1. Back to Socialism

    Ian Buruma

    Back to Socialism


     assesses the prospects of Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, and other political rebels.

    Hillary Clinton for president sign held by African-American. gwen/Flickr

    Especially to many young people, the UK Labour Party's new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is the longed-for man of conviction, the “authentic” voice of the people. In the US, Hillary Clinton is facing a similar phenomenon in her quest to be the Democratic Party's nominee in next year’s presidential election. READ MORE

  2. Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus

    Andrei Kolesnikov

    Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus


     asks why, despite Russia's economic travails, its president remains overwhelmingly popular at home.

    Vladimir Putin with female Russian child in Red Square.

    When Vladimir Putin addressed the UN General Assembly on September 28, he sought to grab the world’s attention by upstaging US President Barack Obama with his call for a united front against the Islamic State. But he was also addressing Russians, whom he needs to distract from their country’s increasingly obvious economic woes. READ MORE

  3. The Boehner Shock

    Simon Johnson

    The Boehner Shock


     argues that the US House speaker's resignation heightens the risk of another government shutdown.

    John Boehner Pete Marovich/ZUMAPRESS

    Ever since the financial crisis erupted in 2008, media outlets and specialists alike have devoted much attention to anticipating negative shocks to the global economy. The surprise resignation of US House Speaker John Boehner could be particularly disruptive to the extent that it heightens the risk of another US government shutdown. READ MORE

  4. The Fire Forging Europe

    Carl Bildt

    The Fire Forging Europe


     sees in the refugee influx the old pattern whereby crises lead to further European unification.

    Refugee maritime debris on Mediterranean shore. AftonbladetIBL/ZUMA Wire

    European leaders have bitterly disagreed on the best way to handle the large numbers of refugees crossing the Mediterranean, once again sparking talk of crisis in the EU. And yet in today's disagreements could lie the roots of a stronger union. READ MORE

  5. No Time to Lose in Syria

    Javier Solana

    No Time to Lose in Syria


     calls on the EU to lead the way toward a political solution to the civil war.

    Syrian refugee in her temporary home. World Bank Photo Collection/Flickr

    The arrival of thousands of mostly Syrian refugees has confronted the EU with two stark realities: its member states are not all meeting their obligations, and its position regarding Syria’s civil war is unsustainable. Only if these shortcomings are remedied immediately can the EU press effectively for a political solution in Syria. READ MORE


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