Saturday, February 28, 2015
  1. The Perilous Politics of the Euro

    Andrés Velasco

    The Perilous Politics of the Euro


     wonders whether the common currency will abort the political union that it was meant to advance.

    Euro currency Kevin Harber/Flickr

    The jury is still out on whether Greece will manage to avoid default, remain in the eurozone, and reverse the brutal contraction of its economy. But any fair panel already would have issued a verdict on the political consequences of the common currency: utter failure. READ MORE

  2. Europe’s Sovereignty Illusion

    Javier Solana

    Europe’s Sovereignty Illusion


     calls out European leaders who believe that purely national solutions are still possible.

    Column people illusion Tinou Bao/Flickr

    The European Union has taken democratic integration – driven by the free will of its members, rather than military force – to unprecedented levels, securing its place at the forefront of institutional innovation. But today, sentiment in the EU seems to lean toward “conflict," rather than “cooperation." READ MORE

  3. China’s Dual-Track Challenge

    Andrew Sheng, ET AL
  4. The DNA of German Foreign Policy

    Frank-Walter Steinmeier

    The DNA of German Foreign Policy

     defines the three main external challenges facing Europe's largest economy.

    Merkel Germany sitting Jim LoScalzo/ZumaPress

    The basic tenets of Germany's foreign policy – close partnership with France within a united Europe and a strong transatlantic alliance in terms of both security and economic cooperation – have withstood the test of time. But now Germany must address three key challenges: crisis management, the changing global order, and its position within Europe. READ MORE

  5. ISIS in America

    Christopher R. Hill

    ISIS in America


     worries that political polarization in the US is impeding an effective response in the Middle East.

    Obama walking blue suit Win Mcnamee/ZumaPress

    While the fight between the Islamic State and the forces arrayed against it rages in the Middle East, another brutal battle is brewing in the US over who is winning the war. In America these days, all issues – whatever and wherever – soon fall into the maw of the country's polarized domestic politics. READ MORE

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