Wednesday, May 6, 2015
  1. The Battle for Britain

    Danuta Hübner

    The Battle for Britain


     argues that the EU should not seek to retain the UK’s membership at any price.

    UK election ballot box vote Simon Chapman/ZumaPress

    The elephant in the room in the UK's general election this week is whether the outcome will move the country closer to quitting the EU. If Prime Minister David Cameron is re-elected and holds his promised referendum on the issue in 2017, the British will be forced to confront their true options. READ MORE

  2. Latin America Between Kennan and Obama

    Juan Gabriel Tokatlian

    Latin America Between Kennan and Obama

     hopes that the US will continue to move away from its Cold War strategy in the region.

    Obama Latin America Summit Panama Liu Bin/ZumaPress

    The late George Kennan created not only the doctrine of “containment” that guided America’s Cold War strategy; he was also among the key architects of the US “dominance and discipline” approach toward Latin America. The latter strategy has long outlasted the Cold War, though it may finally be changing, thanks to Barack Obama. READ MORE

  3. Graft or Growth in China?

    Yao Yang

    Graft or Growth in China?


     believes that the benefits of rooting out corruption vastly outweigh the costs.

    Liu Zhijun china railway minister Fan Rujun/ZumaPress

    China’s anti-corruption campaign has been widely touted as a key component of the deep structural reforms that the country needs to continue its development. But, in a country where government officials play a major role in promoting economic growth, will rooting out corruption undermine prosperity? READ MORE

  4. Britain’s Silent Election

    Bill Emmott
  5. Brittle Britain

    Anatole Kaletsky

    Brittle Britain


     wonders why investors and European leaders are complacent about the outcome of the May 7 election.

    British flags London mall taxi Luke Hayter/Flickr

    Once a haven of political and economic stability amid the turmoil of the euro crisis, the United Kingdom is about to become the EU’s most politically unpredictable member. No amount of denial ahead of the May 7 general election will change that. READ MORE

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