Wednesday, July 29, 2015
  1. Latin America’s Anti-Corruption Crusade

    Jorge G. Castañeda
  2. The Return of the Ugly German

    Joschka Fischer

    The Return of the Ugly German


     laments the fate of the European Union in the wake of the latest round of the Greek drama.

    Newsart for The Return of the Ugly German

    During the long night of negotiations over Greece on July 12-13, something fundamental to the European Union cracked. Since then, Europeans have lived in a different kind of EU, with Germany’s pursuit of national interest set to provoke conflict with France and Italy. READ MORE

  3. An Iran Deal Ten Years Late

    Gareth Evans

    An Iran Deal Ten Years Late


     believes that the agreement captures the real interests of Iran and the international community.

    Iran negotiations UNIS Vienna

    There is every reason to believe that the recent agreement to rein in Iran's nuclear capabilities captures and reflects the real interests not just of Iran, but also of the international community. The only thing to lament about is that the deal was not signed and sealed a decade ago, as it could have been. READ MORE

  4. Europe’s Civil War

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Europe’s Civil War


     says that the EU is experiencing an identity crisis similar to that of the US in the 1850s.

    eu flag European Parliament/Flickr

    The recent negotiations over Greece’s debt brought into relief two competing visions of the EU: the flexible, humane, and political union espoused by France, and the legalistic and economy-focused union promoted by Germany. At a time of unprecedented divisions within the Union, which vision will prevail? READ MORE

  5. Germany, Greece, and the Future of Europe

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Germany, Greece, and the Future of Europe


     calls the creditors' approach to the Greek debt crisis unwise and unprofessional.

    Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble Reynaldo Paganelli/ZumaPress

    Germany’s demands have brought Greece to the point of near-collapse, with potentially disastrous consequences for Greece, Europe, and Germany’s global reputation. Maintaining a peaceful and prosperous Europe is Germany’s most vital responsibility; but it is surely its most vital national interest as well. READ MORE

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