Wednesday, October 14, 2015
  1. Venezuela’s Questionable Election Observers

    Kevin Casas-Zamora

    Venezuela’s Questionable Election Observers


     takes the government to task for not allowing credible monitoring of December's general election.

    Nicolas Maduro Secretaría de Comunicación/Flickr

    The congressional elections to be held in Venezuela in December offer a flicker of hope in a country facing dark prospects. Ensuring that they are credible, however, will require the presence of reputable election observers – something that, so far, Nicolás Maduro's government has refused to allow. READ MORE

  2. AIPAC in Decline

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    AIPAC in Decline


     blames Israel's prime minister for dividing American Jews and subverting the US political system.

    Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister United Nations Photo/Flickr

    Though the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is undeniably a powerful lobby, the claim that it controls US policy decisions is a Potemkin village myth. In fact, thanks to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, its influence has declined dramatically – though Netanyahu himself will be just fine. READ MORE

  3. Beijing Versus the Billionaire

    Sin-ming Shaw

    Beijing Versus the Billionaire


     examines the political motivations behind China's recent attacks on Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing.

    Chinese decorative rooftop.

    China’s government and Hong Kong’s wealthiest man, the much-admired Li Ka-shing, have been waging an acidic spat – one that increasingly looks like a bitter divorce being played out in tabloid newspapers. The conflict comes down to politics. Li is showing too much independence, and China’s communist rulers do not like it one bit. READ MORE

  4. Back to Socialism

    Ian Buruma

    Back to Socialism


     assesses the prospects of Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, and other political rebels.

    Hillary Clinton for president sign held by African-American. gwen/Flickr

    Especially to many young people, the UK Labour Party's new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is the longed-for man of conviction, the “authentic” voice of the people. In the US, Hillary Clinton is facing a similar phenomenon in her quest to be the Democratic Party's nominee in next year’s presidential election. READ MORE

  5. Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus

    Andrei Kolesnikov

    Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus


     asks why, despite Russia's economic travails, its president remains overwhelmingly popular at home.

    Vladimir Putin with female Russian child in Red Square.

    When Vladimir Putin addressed the UN General Assembly on September 28, he sought to grab the world’s attention by upstaging US President Barack Obama with his call for a united front against the Islamic State. But he was also addressing Russians, whom he needs to distract from their country’s increasingly obvious economic woes. READ MORE


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