Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  1. China’s Measured Embrace of India

    Minghao Zhao

    China’s Measured Embrace of India


     assesses the constraints on efforts to improve the two Asian giants' bilateral relationship.

    Xi Jinping Narendra Modi India Today/ZumaPress

    Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India strongly suggests that China is determined to inhibit the bilateral rivalry from intensifying. But, despite Xi’s investment pledges, it is far from certain that Asia’s two giants can bridge the differences that continue to burden the bilateral relationship. READ MORE

  2. Reuniting the United Kingdom

    Chris Patten

    Reuniting the United Kingdom


     argues that, despite Scotland's rejection of independence, the UK will never be the same.

    Scotland votes no to independence Euan Cherry/ZumaPress

    In the end, democracy came to the rescue, and the people of Scotland voted by a comfortable margin to remain part of the UK. Still, the country's identity has been fractured, perhaps beyond repair, and things will never be quite the same again. READ MORE

  3. Small Countries’ Big Successes

    Michael O’Sullivan

    Small Countries’ Big Successes

    &  ask why small countries are disproportionately prosperous.

    Catalonia Scotland Independence Miquel Benitez/Flickr

    Roughly 75% of today’s small countries were formed in the last 70 years, mostly as a result of broader democratic transitions and in tandem with trade growth and globalization. Their successes and failures are more germane to current discussions than, say, the fiscal implications of Scottish independence. READ MORE

  4. Vanguard Scotland?

    Robert Skidelsky

    Vanguard Scotland?


     sees behind Scotland's independence referendum the failed promises of liberal capitalism.

    Scotland Flag Tom Parnell/Flickr

    Whichever way the Scottish independence referendum goes, the spectacular rise of nationalism, in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe, is a symptom of a diseased political mainstream. It is what happens when a form of politics claims to satisfy every human need except the coziness of communal belonging – and then lets the people down. READ MORE

  5. The Price of Scottish Independence

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

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