Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  1. Iran’s Syrian Power Grab and Saudi Arabia

    Nawaf Obaid

    Iran’s Syrian Power Grab and Saudi Arabia


     delves into the history behind the conflict between the Middle East's leading Shia and Sunni powers.

    Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran. Dirk Waem/Belga via ZUMA Press

    Inviting Iran to the next round of talks on the Syria crisis in Vienna, Austria, has far-reaching implications. In fact, Iran’s current government is attempting to overthrow a balance of power that has endured for some 1,400 years – and Saudi Arabia, as the cradle of the Muslim world, will not allow it. READ MORE

  2. The Pakistani Nuclear Deal That Wasn’t

    Shahid Javed Burki

    The Pakistani Nuclear Deal That Wasn’t


     draws back the curtain on a ham-fisted US effort to constrain Pakistan's weapons program.

    Flag of Pakistan.

    Recently, it came to light that the US was attempting to negotiate with Pakistan a deal to constrain the Pakistanis’ fast-growing nuclear weapons program. But, while any move toward non-proliferation may seem like a positive step, in this case the effort has had some dangerous unintended consequences. READ MORE

  3. The Western Roots of Anti-Western Terror

    Brahma Chellaney

    The Western Roots of Anti-Western Terror


     warns that the West's response to the Paris attacks is likely to perpetuate what led to them.

    Advanced security training.

    The horrific terror attacks in Paris provide a stark reminder that Western powers cannot contain – let alone insulate themselves from – the unintended consequences of their interventions in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the response to the attacks is likely to perpetuate the factors that led to them. READ MORE

  4. Helmut Schmidt’s World

    Frank-Walter Steinmeier
  5. The War on Terror Begins Anew

    Bogdan Aurescu, ET AL

    The War on Terror Begins Anew

    &  propose the establishment of a special-purpose international court.

    Paris terror attack Maya Vidon/ZumaPress

    The terrorist attacks across Paris on the night of November 13, which left at least 120 dead, are a tragic reminder of the ubiquity of modern terrorism. Establishing an International Court Against Terrorism would offer desperately needed assistance to countries and provide a strong deterrent to would-be attackers. READ MORE

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