Sunday, October 4, 2015
  1. The Inexorable Logic of the Sharing Economy

    Michael Spence

    The Inexorable Logic of the Sharing Economy


     explains how the Internet is returning us to the age of cottage industry.

    Hipster with mobile phone.

    The Internet-led process of exploiting under-utilized resources – be they physical and financial capital or human capital and talent – is both unstoppable and accelerating. The long-term benefits consist not just in efficiency and productivity gains, but also in much-needed new jobs requiring a broad range of skills. READ MORE

  2. Bridging the Transatlantic Digital Divide

    Viviane Reding

    Bridging the Transatlantic Digital Divide


     urges the US to respect EU citizens' rights or risk undermining transatlantic cooperation.

    Information Technology Hardware

    The day after the US and the EU signed the so-called Umbrella Agreement strengthening data privacy, the US Justice Department argued in federal court that US authorities should be granted unlimited access to data located abroad, including in Europe. This dangerous breach of trust is likely to be self-defeating. READ MORE

  3. Economic Forecasts in the Age of Big Data

    Tara M. Sinclair
  4. Reassessing the Internet of Things

    Martin Neil Baily, ET AL

    Reassessing the Internet of Things

    &  say that the returns from the new technology could exceed what even the hype suggests.

    nest internet of things faz besharatian/Flickr

    The possibilities associated with the Internet of Things seem endless, and the predictions have been extravagant. But, while the gains are indeed likely to be tremendous, it will take time for the changes in the way businesses operate to be detected at the macroeconomic level. READ MORE

  5. Is Uber a Threat to Democracy?

    Kemal Derviş


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157 pages

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