Saturday, July 4, 2015
  1. Europe’s Digital Wrong Turn

    Christopher Engman

    Europe’s Digital Wrong Turn


     warns that a recent decision by EU ministers on data privacy could hobble Europe's digital market.

    circuits Digitalarti/Flickr

    In May, the European Commission announced that it would create a unified digital market of 500 million consumers that would add €415 billion to the European Union’s GDP and create some 3.8 million jobs. Unfortunately, a recent decision on one key digital issue – data privacy – threatens to derail that effort. READ MORE

  2. What Energy Shortage?

    Jostein Eikeland

    What Energy Shortage?


     argues that power scarcity has nothing to do with supplies and everything to do with storage.

    hoover dam Manav Gupta/Flickr

    We humans are not facing a shortage of energy. We are facing a technical challenge in capturing it and delivering it to consumers; and one of the most efficient ways to meet that challenge is by investing in better ways to store it. READ MORE

  3. Securing the Internet Commons

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Securing the Internet Commons


     defends US technology companies' refusal to give intelligence agencies a backdoor to users' data.

    Edward Snowden El Tiempo/ZumaPress

    Ever since Edward Snowden’s revelations about the US National Security Agency’s spying around the world, a debate has raged about the balance between privacy and national security. Should companies be able to encrypt their users’ messages so securely that no one – including governments – can get in? READ MORE

  4. Drones for Development

    J.M. Ledgard, ET AL

    Drones for Development

    &  on the must-have gadget for remote parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.

    cargo drones © Red Line

    Unmanned aerial vehicles have populated the nightmares of people around the world in recent years, largely owing to their military and potentially malign applications. But cargo drones embody what the World Bank’s Jim Yong Kim calls the “science of delivery,” promising to get essential goods and services to the neediest people. READ MORE

  5. Safeguarding the Open Internet

    Marietje Schaake

    Safeguarding the Open Internet


     proposes that the Internet be governed by a combination of voluntary and binding agreements.

    Surfing the web in china Zhengyi Xie/ZumaPress

    As the Internet grows in importance, so do the risks inherent in the lack of regulation. There is a growing danger that the open platform we all cherish will increasingly be colonized by corporate greed, criminal activity, and conflict between states – with ordinary citizens the ultimate victims. READ MORE

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