Monday, November 24, 2014
  1. The Urban Village

    Carlo Ratti
  2. Your Data or Your Life

    Lucy P. Marcus

    Your Data or Your Life


     wonders why people give up their most personal information to complete strangers.

    Data storage old new Ian/Flickr

    Today's amalgamation and synthesis of digital services and hardware is designed to make our lives easier, and there is no doubt that it has. But have we stopped asking fundamental questions, both of ourselves and of the companies we entrust to do all of these things? READ MORE

  3. Europe’s Broadband Battle

    David Abecassis
  4. Who Killed the Nokia Phone?

    Pekka Nykänen

    Who Killed the Nokia Phone?

    &  find essential lessons in the end of one of Europe's biggest technology success stories.

    Who killed the nokia phone Brian Rasic/ZumaPress

    In the space of just a few years, the mobile-phone giant Nokia went from having a market share of more than 40% to selling its core business to Microsoft. Can the mobile-phone industry’s new champions, Apple and Google – not to mention titans in other tech sectors – avoid a similar fate? READ MORE

  5. Mine Your Digital Business

    Nathan Eagle

    Mine Your Digital Business


     wants Internet users to be able to sell the passive data that they generate.

    Mine your own business Mark Ahlness/Flickr

    Nearly everyone has a digital footprint – the trail of so-called “passive data” that is produced when you engage in any online interaction. As a result, this information – and its intrinsic monetary value – often goes unnoticed by Internet users. READ MORE

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155 pages

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