Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  1. China’s Dangerous Digital Agenda

    Robert D. Atkinson, ET AL

    China’s Dangerous Digital Agenda

    &  claim that the country's online giants pose a bigger threat to Europe than America's.

    Digital chip CCD Matt Laskowsk/Flickr

    Instead of responding to China's digital rise, the European Union has remained fixated on the global success of American platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, even threatening punitive actions against them. But there is mounting evidence that the real competitive challenge for Europe will come from the East. READ MORE

  2. The Age of Adaptation

    Klaus Schwab

    The Age of Adaptation


     anticipates the coming changes wrought by a technology-driven economy.

    India farmer mobile phone F. Fiondella (IRI/CCAFS)/Flickr

    The post-crisis era is over, and the “post-post-crisis world" is upon us. It is time to adopt a new framework of realistic solutions that promote shared prosperity even as economic systems, governments, security structures, and people's daily lives change at a breakneck pace. READ MORE

  3. The Decline of US Military Innovation

    Dan Steinbock

    The Decline of US Military Innovation


     warns that limited R&D budgets could cost America's armed forces their technological edge.

    US military cyber training Georgia National Guard/Tracy J. Smith/Flickr

    The US military may still be the most advanced in the world, but its continued technological leadership is far from assured. Limitations on R&D budgets, driven by mandatory spending cuts, pose one of the greatest challenges to America's efforts to maintain its edge in innovation. READ MORE

  4. Connectivity for All

    James Manyika, ET AL

    Connectivity for All

    & 0

    &  identify four key barriers that are slowing the pace of Internet adoption worldwide.

    Internet Cafe closed Africa Charles Roffey/Flickr

    Though the number of new Internet users has tripled over the last decade, four major barriers have caused the pace of expansion to slow considerably. Given the enormous economic benefits of connectivity, finding ways to provide Internet access for the world's remaining four billion people should be a high priority. READ MORE

  5. Hacking for Humanity

    Carlo Ratti, ET AL

Focal Point

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156 pages

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