Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  1. Is Traditional Banking Unbreakable?

    Dambisa Moyo

    Is Traditional Banking Unbreakable?


     thinks that the financial industry will prove resistant to disruption by digital startups.

    Coins stacked in a vault tray.

    It is a rare modern industry nowadays that is not at risk of being upended by digital technology. But while high-tech startups have begun to penetrate terrain traditionally dominated by banks and financial-services companies, there is reason to believe that this industry will prove more resilient to disruption than others. READ MORE

  2. Innovation with Chinese Characteristics

    Martin Neil Baily, ET AL
  3. One Net, One Future

    Carl Bildt

    One Net, One Future


     cautions against the impulse to impose greater control over the Internet in the name of security.

    national cybersecurity center Barry Bahler/ZumaPress

    How the world responds to the threat of cyber attacks will determine the extent to which future generations will be able to benefit from the digital era. In addition to the risk of conflict, there is the danger that governments will overreact, erecting barriers to information that undermine the potential of the Internet. READ MORE

  4. A Bad Bet on Synthetic Biology

    Silvia Ribeiro, ET AL

    A Bad Bet on Synthetic Biology

    & 10

    &  use the introduction of a new sweetener to illustrate the dangers of synthetic biology.

    Hard candy

    Earlier this month, the international food conglomerate Cargill chose the famous Las Vegas Strip to introduce what it hopes will be its next blockbuster product: EverSweet, a stevia sweetener that contains no stevia. What happened in Vegas should stay in Vegas. READ MORE

  5. Will Technology Kill Convergence?

    Kemal Derviş

    Will Technology Kill Convergence?


     maintains that it is too early to write off the emerging economies.

    Flag of Brazil hanging on terrace.

    Hailed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as the new engines of the world economy, the emerging economies are now acting as a drag on growing growth, causing many to argue that their era of rapid expansion – and their quest to achieve convergence with advanced-country income levels – is over. Are the doomsayers right? READ MORE

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