Sunday, December 21, 2014
  1. Closing India’s Technology Gap

    Raghunath A. Mashelkar

    Closing India’s Technology Gap

    &  chart the tremendous social and economic gains the country would reap from a successful strategy.

    India farmer mobile phone F. Fiondella (IRI/CCAFS)/Flickr

    It is a notable irony that India, which produces solutions to many of the knottiest information-technology problems faced by the world’s largest companies, has benefited little from technological progress. Fortunately for India’s citizens, Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to change that. READ MORE

  2. Keep the Internet Tax-Free

    Robert D. Atkinson

    Keep the Internet Tax-Free

    &  uses a recently proposed Hungarian law to show why taxing digital technology is bad for growth.

    surfing the web Ross G. Strachan/Flickr

    Hungary’s government has withdrawn a proposed Internet tax that was absurd – akin to assessing fees on reading books or charging people to have conversations with friends. But the proposal is part of a disturbing trend, with many countries introducing taxes and tariffs that hamper the adoption and use of digital technology. READ MORE

  3. Ebola and Innovation

    Muhammad Hamid Zaman
  4. Inequality and the Internet

    J. Bradford DeLong

    Inequality and the Internet


     asks whether broadband accessibility can offset the growing gap in income and wealth.

    Google Glass Jessica Tezak/ZumaPress

    Today, nearly every resident of a developed country can easily afford a smartphone, thereby gaining inexpensive access to a universe of human knowledge that, until a generation ago, only the richest could afford. Is it possible that conventional measures of inequality and income vastly underestimate just how good we have it? READ MORE

  5. The Urban Village

    Carlo Ratti

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155 pages

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