Sunday, May 24, 2015
  1. Safeguarding the Open Internet

    Marietje Schaake

    Safeguarding the Open Internet


     proposes that the Internet be governed by a combination of voluntary and binding agreements.

    Surfing the web in china Zhengyi Xie/ZumaPress

    As the Internet grows in importance, so do the risks inherent in the lack of regulation. There is a growing danger that the open platform we all cherish will increasingly be colonized by corporate greed, criminal activity, and conflict between states – with ordinary citizens the ultimate victims. READ MORE

  2. Which Internet for Europe?

    James Waterworth
  3. Cyber War and Peace

    Javier Solana

    Cyber War and Peace


     calls for a multi-stakeholder approach to creating governance structures for the Internet.

    Computer keyboard cyber internet security Chris Roberts/Flickr

    Cyber attacks are vastly increasing in number, sophistication, magnitude, and impact, and cyber crime is already comparable in size to drug trafficking. With two-thirds of the global population expected to be online by 2020, the world needs a new approach to guaranteeing the security of cyberspace. READ MORE

  4. Beyond Silicon Valley

    Laura Tyson, ET AL

    Beyond Silicon Valley

    & 1

    &  propose strategies for promoting job-creating entrepreneurship across the US.

    Silicon valley night view wine glasses Peter Thoeny/Flickr

    Once again, California’s Silicon Valley is confirming its status as a mecca of high-tech entrepreneurship and wealth creation. But it is not a model for job creation and inclusive growth that policymakers and entrepreneurs elsewhere can emulate – at least not without making some fundamental adjustments. READ MORE

  5. The Creative State

    Mariana Mazzucato

    The Creative State


     makes the case for rethinking the government’s role in promoting innovation.

    Newsart for The Creative State Chris Devers/Flickr

    The conventional view in mainstream economics is that governments have little capacity to spark innovation.The truth is that in some of the world's most famous technological hubs, including Silicon Valley and Israel, the state has played a critical role in creating and shaping markets for new products. READ MORE

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