Sunday, April 26, 2015
  1. The Creative State

    Mariana Mazzucato

    The Creative State


     makes the case for rethinking the government's role in promoting innovation.

    Newsart for The Creative State Chris Devers/Flickr

    The conventional view in mainstream economics is that governments have little capacity to spark innovation.The truth is that in some of the world's most famous technological hubs, including Silicon Valley and Israel, the state has played a critical role in creating and shaping markets for new products. READ MORE

  2. Last Taxi to Europe

    Alberto Heimler

    Last Taxi to Europe


     uses the example of Uber to show how European regulatory structures can stifle innovation.

    Taxi europe parking lot Jordi Espel/Flickr

    The contrast between Uber’s reception in America and Europe highlights how European regulatory structures all too often protect incumbents and stifle innovation. Europe’s governments should amend their rules, encouraging entrepreneurs to develop cutting-edge business models at home, rather than import them from abroad. READ MORE

  3. Latin America in the Second Machine Age

    Luis Alberto Moreno

    Latin America in the Second Machine Age


     proposes four ways the region can boost its resilience to the next wave of automation.

    Colombia student girls education computer CK-CO126 World Bank/Flickr

    The Summit of the Americas in Panama City will focus on how to support inclusive growth in the Latin American and Caribbean economies, which have lately taken a major hit from falling commodities prices. Any strategy will have to boost the region's resilience to the next wave of automation. READ MORE

  4. Is Jobless Growth Inevitable?

    Sami Mahroum, ET AL

    Is Jobless Growth Inevitable?

    &  praise the Dutch model for ensuring that technological progress advances human prosperity.

    Holland information workers laptop Arne Kuilman/Flickr

    As machines become smarter, the mutually reinforcing relationship between technological progress and human prosperity seems to be growing weaker. But some countries seem to have figured out how to sustain the old dynamic, ensuring that technological innovation benefits all. READ MORE

  5. The Digital Transformation of Europe

    John Chambers

    The Digital Transformation of Europe


     explains why the Internet of Everything could be the best hope for the moribund European economy.

    broadband highway UK\Flickr

    Europe is on the cusp of a technological transformation that will revolutionize entire industries and change the way its people engage with one another. Indeed, the digital transformation is emerging as the single most promising way to revive the continent's moribund economy and tackle its stubborn unemployment problem. READ MORE

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