Friday, August 28, 2015
  1. Winning the Fight For Global Education

    Julia Gillard

    Winning the Fight For Global Education


     argues that all the pieces are in place to uphold the right of all children to go to school.

    indian schoolgirl Bindaas Madhavi/Flickr

    In 2000, when the world adopted the Millennium Development Goals, a promise was made: education is a universal right that will be upheld for every child. Last week’s Oslo Summit on Education for Development confirmed the growing consensus within the global education community about what must be done to honor that pledge. READ MORE

  2. Knowledge for Progress

    Kevin Watkins

    Knowledge for Progress


     underscores the vital importance of education for development.

    school kids india Paul Simpson/Flickr

    It has been suggested that the world is overestimating the role of education in economic development. But, while education is not a quick fix for slow growth, it is virtually impossible to name a country that has sustained an economic transformation without advances in education. READ MORE

  3. Educating Syria’s Refugee Children

    Elias Bou Saab

    Educating Syria’s Refugee Children


     urges the international community to support Lebanon’s effort to educate Syrian refugee children.

    syrian children lebanon refugee camp Icare/ZumaPress

    Lebanon aims to enroll 200,000 Syrian refugee children into its public education system during the coming school year, but it cannot do it alone. Without additional support from the international community, the project will not be realized – despite strong political will and rigorous planning. READ MORE

  4. No Education, No Development

    Erna Solberg, ET AL

    No Education, No Development

    & 1

    &  describe their motivation for convening the Oslo Summit on Education for Development.

    vermont classroom Don Shall/Flickr

    The 121 million young people who are out of school today are not only being denied their basic right to education; they are being denied a fair chance to escape poverty, support their families, and develop their communities. This year, so crucial for global development, we must change this by making education a top priority. READ MORE

  5. Achieving Education for All

    Irina Bokova

    Achieving Education for All


     calls inclusive high-quality schooling the most powerful potential catalyst of development.

    school norway Sigurd Rage/Flickr

    To leave no person or country behind is the ultimate ambition of the development agenda that will be adopted at the United Nations this September. The first step toward achieving that goal is ensuring a high-quality education for all. READ MORE

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