Saturday, July 4, 2015
  1. Achieving Education for All

    Irina Bokova

    Achieving Education for All


     calls inclusive high-quality schooling the most powerful potential catalyst of development.

    school norway Sigurd Rage/Flickr

    To leave no person or country behind is the ultimate ambition of the development agenda that will be adopted at the United Nations this September. The first step toward achieving that goal is ensuring a high-quality education for all. READ MORE

  2. Education in Emergencies

    Anthony Lake

    Education in Emergencies


     shows how schooling in conflict-affected areas serves both humanitarian needs and development goals.

    Iraq school mfniraq/Flickr

    Education not only boosts children’s chances of building a better life for themselves and their families; it also instills in them the skills and values they need to end conflicts and help rebuild their societies. That is why global education initiatives should include a focus on schooling in crisis-affected environments. READ MORE

  3. Lessons for Oslo

    Julia Gillard

    Lessons for Oslo


     says that, at the upcoming education summit, world leaders must lay the groundwork for the SDGs.

    pakistani students World Bank photo/Flickr

    As the world prepares to agree to the Sustainable Development Goals that will guide development efforts for the next 15 years, there is a growing recognition of the degree to which the development agenda depends on education. The upcoming education summit in Oslo reflects that recognition. READ MORE

  4. Schooling and Social Change in Pakistan

    Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
  5. New Ways to Finance Education

    Gordon Brown

    New Ways to Finance Education


     explores some recent significant proposals for closing the school-financing gap in poor countries.

    schoolgirls World Bank/Flickr

    The world is about to set itself the goal of giving every child access to pre-primary, primary, and secondary education by 2030. Despite the vital importance of the target, achieving it will be difficult – not least because there is an intensifying funding crisis within the aid community. READ MORE

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