Saturday, December 20, 2014
  1. Secondary Schools’ Primary Importance

    Kamal Ahmad

    Secondary Schools’ Primary Importance

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    &  argue that post-primary education in the developing world benefits all levels of society.

    Girl student Nepal classroom education Jim Holmes/AusAID/Flickr

    A half-century of remarkable progress in providing primary education to children could be lost if we fail to provide opportunities for further schooling. Investing in secondary education in the developing world would have far-reaching benefits – and need not cost a fortune. READ MORE

  2. Educating Against Ebola

    Gordon Brown

    Educating Against Ebola


     explains why reopening West African schools is the best way to stop the spread of the virus.

    Nigeria classroom Lindsay Mgbor/Flickr

    With thousands of schools closed in an effort to stem the spread of Ebola, five million boys and girls have been left without any means of advancing their educations. But a report by educational and health-care experts has found that reopening “safe schools” could be a far more effective way to combat the spread of the disease. READ MORE

  3. National Security Babies

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    National Security Babies


     identifies inadequate childcare as the number one threat facing the United States.

    The Lorax Bart/Flickr

    From the Islamic State to Russian expansionism, there is no shortage of national-security challenges facing the US. But a new report demonstrates that there is no more potent threat to the country’s future than the failure to provide adequate care and education to children under the age of five. READ MORE

  4. Education in the Second Machine Age

    Dalia Marin

    Education in the Second Machine Age


     suggests that skilled workers may become increasingly unable to compete with artificial intelligence.

    Computer Science Education Rowan University Publications/Flickr

    Until the 1980s, about 70% of income went to labor income and 30% to capital income. But, since then, the share of income going to labor has declined in all rich countries, and research indicates that half of this decline is the result of cheaper information technology – allowing firms to replace workers with computers. READ MORE

  5. The Children’s Revolution

    Gordon Brown

    The Children’s Revolution


     calls for the establishment of an International Children's Court.

    Newsart for The Children’s Revolution UN Photo/Marco Dormino

    The world can end child labor, child marriage, child trafficking, and discrimination against girls by establishing a new international children’s court and, with it, a proper reporting and sanctions system. In fact, violations of children’s rights are now so rampant that there simply is no alternative. READ MORE

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