Tuesday, March 31, 2015
  1. The Security Council Goes to School

    Gordon Brown

    The Security Council Goes to School


     calls on the UN to adopt tough measures to ensure education in conflict zones.

    Palestinian school girls safe education Muammar Awad/ZumaPress

    Today, in a poignant and defining moment, an elite group of the world’s diplomats, sitting around the large, circular table at the UN Security Council, will be asked to listen and understand the cries of the world’s most vulnerable children. If they absorb a fraction of what they are told, they will then act. READ MORE

  2. Financing Education for All

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Financing Education for All


     calls for a global fund to ensure access to secondary school for even the world's poorest children.

    School boy education homework Jirawan T/Flickr

    Of all of the investments needed to achieve sustainable development, none is more important than a quality education for every child. The time has come to create a Global Fund for Education to ensure that even the world’s poorest children have the chance to receive a quality education at least through secondary school. READ MORE

  3. One Hundred Years of Relativity

    Sabine Hossenfelder

    One Hundred Years of Relativity


     celebrates the centennial of Einstein's famous theory with a look at what remains to be discovered.

    Black hole outer space Roxanne Ready/Flickr

    Albert Einstein's theory of relativity has provided fundamental insights into the history and nature of the universe, from the Big Bang to wormholes and evaporating black holes. But there is a flip side to Einstein's famous explanation of how the universe works: It has raised as many questions for scientists as it has answered. READ MORE

  4. The Right to Safe Schools

    Gordon Brown
  5. Innovate or Stagnate

    Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

    Innovate or Stagnate

     says that when governments become complacent, they meet the same fate as most companies.

    iPad education children www.twitter.com/digmo/Flickr

    Companies, like people, start life small and eager to survive, fueled by youthful energy and fresh ideas, before eventually fading into obscurity. The same is true of governments: They, too, can lose the hunger and ambition of youth and allow themselves to become complacent. READ MORE

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