Sunday, November 29, 2015
  1. Can Apps Prevent Human Trafficking?

    Julia Muraszkiewicz

    Can Apps Prevent Human Trafficking?


     questions whether smartphones are enough to help potential and actual victims.

    Man using mobile phone

    There is evidence that mobile phones, social media, instant messaging, and other modern forms of communication have given human traffickers new tools with which to recruit, coordinate, and smuggle. But can technology – and smartphone apps in particular – help prevent vulnerable people avoid or even escape the traffickers' clutches? READ MORE

  2. Happiness by Design

    Geoff Mulgan

    Happiness by Design


     explains how happiness can be taught – and even legislated.

    Woman in sunglasses smiling.

    Until recently, it seemed sensible to assume that our happiness was determined by factors – luck, fate, or genes – beyond our control. New discoveries, however, point to a fresh way of thinking about happiness, as something over which we do have control – and that can be taught and even legislated. READ MORE

  3. America’s Education Bubble

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    America’s Education Bubble


     warns of the long-term risks associated with surging student-loan debt in the US.

    Graduation ceremony.

    If not handled carefully, the pursuit of an important social goal can sometimes have serious economic and financial consequences. America’s effort to expand access to student loans – a fundamentally good initiative, aimed at enabling more people to pursue higher education – may turn out to be one such case. READ MORE

  4. The Case for Externships

    Ayesha Khanna

    The Case for Externships


     wants students to prepare for the future by helping companies solve real-world problems.

    Feminine hands on laptop keyboard

    The industries of the future will require people creative and innovative enough to work with technology, not be replaced by it. By helping companies solve their real-world problems, secondary-school students can prepare themselves to meet the challenges of that future. READ MORE

  5. A Papal Education

    Daniel A. Wagner

    A Papal Education


     highlights the importance of literacy in meeting Pope Francis's call for social justice.

    Pope Francis speaking at United Nations. United Nations Photo/Flickr

    In September, the UN and Pope Francis both called on the international community to fight poverty and preserve the environment. At the center of these efforts will be education – particularly one goal on which the world is still falling short: literacy. READ MORE

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