Tuesday, October 13, 2015
  1. A Papal Education

    Daniel A. Wagner

    A Papal Education


     highlights the importance of literacy in meeting Pope Francis's call for social justice.

    Pope Francis speaking at United Nations. United Nations Photo/Flickr

    In September, the UN and Pope Francis both called on the international community to fight poverty and preserve the environment. At the center of these efforts will be education – particularly one goal on which the world is still falling short: literacy. READ MORE

  2. Making Higher Education Pay

    Laura Tyson, ET AL

    Making Higher Education Pay

    & 1

    &  believe that progressive federalism in the US can help improve university access and performance.

    Book artfully hung from ceiling.

    With tuition rising and some institutions of higher education underperforming, there is a need for new models of education delivery. In the US, “progressive” federalism – whereby the federal government sets performance goals, demands accountability by providers, and spurs innovation – could be key. READ MORE

  3. Getting Universal Education Right

    Steven J. Klees

    Getting Universal Education Right


     warns that the SDGs for education will not be met if more funding is not made available.

    Classroom in Iraq

    The international community has been pledging to attain universal primary education since the 1960s, and it is doing so again by including this target in the Sustainable Development Goals. But, unless new resources are made available, the world is likely to fail yet again. READ MORE

  4. Reading, Writing, and Refugees

    Gordon Brown

    Reading, Writing, and Refugees


     promotes an economical plan to educate Syrian and other children.

    syrian refugee children education Ameer Al-Halbi/ZumaPress

    Normally in an emergency, there are no facilities, buildings, or staff to keep displaced children in school. What is missing in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, however, are not classrooms or trained teachers – there are plenty locally and among adult Syrian refugees – but the money to pay for them. READ MORE

  5. Cultural Vandalism in America

    Robert P. Crease

    Cultural Vandalism in America


     warns of an all-out assault by US politicians on the scientific process.

    Lamar Smith Alicia Wagner Calzada/ZumaPress

    When the Islamic State rampaged through museums and World Heritage Sites in Iraq and Syria, smashing and bulldozing archaeological treasures and using sledgehammers to destroy sculptures and statues, the world rightly recoiled in horror. But an act of cultural vandalism on a similar scale has been taking place in the US. READ MORE


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