Thursday, May 28, 2015
  1. Beyond Universal Education

    Fazle Hasan Abed

    Beyond Universal Education


     urges the United Nations to focus on the quality of education rather than enrollment numbers.

    Studying by candle light in Gaza Abed Rahim Khatib/ZumaPress

    It is time for the UN and other international bodies to move beyond a singular focus on enrollment numbers and grapple with the problem of quality in education. A child’s potential is truly unleashed only when he or she learns to spot and seize the opportunities his or her parents never had. READ MORE

  2. No Child Left Out

    Moza bint Nasser

    No Child Left Out


     calls on the international community to ensure primary education for all refugee children.

    Refugee children at school Majdi Fathi/ZumaPress

    UNESCO estimates that at least 250 million of the world’s children of primary-school age are unable to read, write, or do basic arithmetic. This week, the international community will have a chance to redress this scandalous state of affairs when policymakers meet at the World Education Forum to agree on new global targets. READ MORE

  3. Educating for Sustainable Development

    Irina Bokova, ET AL

    Educating for Sustainable Development

    &  believe that schools can transform how people act toward one another and the planet.

    harnessing nature for sustainable development Tommy Clark/Flickr

    This year, the international community will adopt a new global development strategy and negotiate a universal deal to combat climate change. The key to success on both fronts is to bring about a fundamental shift in how we think, act, and discharge our responsibilities toward one another and the planet. READ MORE

  4. Building the Global Schoolhouse

    Gordon Brown

    Building the Global Schoolhouse


     sees hope for a breakthrough year on ensuring universal access to education.

    School Children Himalayas Prabhu B Doss/Flickr

    Despite a commitment by the international community to guarantee universal primary education, many of the world’s most marginalized children remain out of school. As the world works to offer every child the possibility of attending secondary school by 2030, the key challenge will be to secure the necessary funding. READ MORE

  5. Talent versus Capital in the Twenty-First Century

    Klaus Schwab

    Talent versus Capital in the Twenty-First Century


     highlights the role of educational innovation in preparing workers for jobs that do not yet exist.

    iPad education children

    When financial policymakers attempt to promote economic growth, they almost invariably focus on looking for new ways to unleash capital. But, though this approach may have worked in the past, it risks giving short shrift to the role that talent plays in generating and realizing the ideas that make growth possible. READ MORE

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