Friday, January 30, 2015
  1. Emergency Education Now

    Gordon Brown

    Emergency Education Now


     calls for the establishment of a permanent fund to keep millions of refugee children in school.

    Syrian refugee camp children UNHCR/S. Baldwin/Flickr

    The refugee crises in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Nigeria provide ample proof that a global humanitarian fund for education during emergencies is urgently needed. Passing the hat when a crisis erupts is not the solution. READ MORE

  2. Building a Caring Economy

    Tania Singer

    Building a Caring Economy


     links humanity's ability to address shared challenges to our capacity for compassion.

    Group hug Joris Louwes/Flickr

    Today’s mainstream economic models are based on the assumption that humans act in their own self-interest, but that the “invisible hand” of the market ensures that these actions advance the common good. This assumption is patently false, and it is preventing effective action on our most critical shared problems. READ MORE

  3. The Truth Will Set You Free

    Aryeh Neier

    The Truth Will Set You Free


     urges Sri Lanka's government to accept Pope Francis's call to pursue the truth about past crimes.

    Pope Francis hand to heart Evandro Inetti/ZumaPress

    When Pope Francis visited Sri Lanka earlier this month, he used the occasion to urge its leaders to include “the pursuit of truth” in the process of healing the scarred and divided country. By heeding Francis' call, Sri Lanka's newly elected president, Maithripala Sirisena, has an opportunity to put his country on the path toward sustainable peace. READ MORE

  4. Secondary Schools’ Primary Importance

    Kamal Ahmad

    Secondary Schools’ Primary Importance

    & 0

    &  argue that post-primary education in the developing world benefits all levels of society.

    Girl student Nepal classroom education Jim Holmes/AusAID/Flickr

    A half-century of remarkable progress in providing primary education to children could be lost if we fail to provide opportunities for further schooling. Investing in secondary education in the developing world would have far-reaching benefits – and need not cost a fortune. READ MORE

  5. Educating Against Ebola

    Gordon Brown

    Educating Against Ebola


     explains why reopening West African schools is the best way to stop the spread of the virus.

    Nigeria classroom Lindsay Mgbor/Flickr

    With thousands of schools closed in an effort to stem the spread of Ebola, five million boys and girls have been left without any means of advancing their educations. But a report by educational and health-care experts has found that reopening “safe schools” could be a far more effective way to combat the spread of the disease. READ MORE

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