Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  1. The Right to Safe Schools

    Gordon Brown
  2. Innovate or Stagnate

    Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

    Innovate or Stagnate

     says that when governments become complacent, they meet the same fate as most companies.

    iPad education children www.twitter.com/digmo/Flickr

    Companies, like people, start life small and eager to survive, fueled by youthful energy and fresh ideas, before eventually fading into obscurity. The same is true of governments: They, too, can lose the hunger and ambition of youth and allow themselves to become complacent. READ MORE

  3. Inside the Training Revolution

    Laura Tyson, ET AL

    Inside the Training Revolution

    & 1

    &  explain how innovative partnerships can meet growing demand for a skilled workforce.

    Newsart for Inside the Training Revolution Scott2342/Flickr

    Effective workforce training requires identifying the necessary skills, creating the structures to teach them, and matching trained workers with available jobs. Investment must be accompanied by innovation, featuring new kinds of public-private partnerships, degree-granting institutions, and approaches to life-long learning. READ MORE

  4. The Democratic Merits of Selective Schools

    Andrés Velasco

    The Democratic Merits of Selective Schools


     decries the Chilean government's plan to replace entrance exams with lotteries.

    Chile school boys uniforms DaniBlanchette/Flickr

    Chile’s Instituto Nacional, a completely free secondary school for boys, ranks among the best in the country – not least because of its wholly meritocratic admissions policy. Given this, the government's plan to institute an admissions lottery is wrong-headed – and could end up weakening Chilean democracy. READ MORE

  5. Emergency Education Now

    Gordon Brown

    Emergency Education Now


     calls for the establishment of a permanent fund to keep millions of refugee children in school.

    Syrian refugee camp children UNHCR/S. Baldwin/Flickr

    The refugee crises in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Nigeria provide ample proof that a global humanitarian fund for education during emergencies is urgently needed. Passing the hat when a crisis erupts is not the solution. READ MORE

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