Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  1. A Breakthrough for Child Refugees?

    Gordon Brown

    A Breakthrough for Child Refugees?


     praises a new international commitment to provide education to every displaced school-age Syrian.

    Arab children smiling

    Buried in the declaration from the fourth United Nations’ Syria Pledging Conference in London is an important breakthrough: commitments that guarantee every Syrian refugee child a place in school by next year. The world, at long last, has taken seriously the need to provide education to conflict-affected children. READ MORE

  2. A Payment Plan for Universal Education

    Gordon Brown

    A Payment Plan for Universal Education


     pledges to secure funding by the end of the year for universal primary and secondary education.

    afghanistan school gpforeducation/Flickr

    The Sustainable Development Goals, which the international community adopted in September, include a commitment to provide every child with access to free primary and secondary education by 2030. Unfortunately, there is still no timetable and no plan for sourcing the necessary funds – but by the end of the year, there will be. READ MORE

  3. The Tech Literacy Imperative

    Gavin Patterson

    The Tech Literacy Imperative


     wants kids to understand how the games they play actually work.

    Child watching television

    Today’s children may look like savvy digital natives, but all too often their knowledge is only screen-deep. If young people are to be empowered citizens, not just beguiled consumers, they will need to understand how technology affects every aspect of contemporary life. READ MORE

  4. Toward a New Islamic Golden Age

    Nidhal Guessoum

    Toward a New Islamic Golden Age


     outlines concrete steps to reinvigorate science in the Muslim world.

    Muslim architecture

    The Islamic “golden age” – during which science and knowledge flourished across the Muslim world – lasted many centuries. Today, Muslim-majority countries lag well behind the rest of the world, in terms of both education and research – a gap that can and must be closed. READ MORE

  5. The Education Antidote to Radicalization

    Gordon Brown

    The Education Antidote to Radicalization


     explains how to win the battle for young Muslims' hearts and minds.

    Muslim woman smiling

    The fight against the Islamic State is a generational battle for hearts and minds that cannot be won by military means alone. Sadly, the West’s current response – more intrusive surveillance, shoot-to-kill policies, and disgraceful rhetoric by political leaders – merely provides ISIS with more ammunition to recruit young Muslims. READ MORE

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