Sunday, November 23, 2014

Earth in the Balance

Are the global consequences of climate change worsening? Are cap-and-trade schemes the best way to reduce CO2 emissions? With a global recession looming, does the path to economic recovery lead through low-carbon technologies? Can we fight climate change and improve energy security at the same time?

As the dangers of climate change – rising sea levels, drought, and other extreme weather events – grow, increasing awareness of the urgent need to act has never been higher.

To explore the grave issues at stake, Project Syndicate has created an exclusive series of commentaries, Earth in the Balance, in which a who’s who of world leaders will address the challenges that lay ahead in tackling climate change.

Earth in the Balance will provide commentaries written by heads of state and government and leading opinion-makers from business, academia, and civil society on subjects ranging from the effects of global warming to energy security, green economic growth, and how to assist the poorest countries in adapting to climate change. Among the commentators who have or will contribute to Earth in the Balance are UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Nobel laureate R. K. Pachauri, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, economist Nicholas Stern, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, physicist Freeman Dyson, former Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Jeroen van der Veer, former director of NASA John Houghton, and former President of Chile Ricardo Lagos.

For climatologists, "perfect storms" occur when natural forces combine to unleash disturbances of vast power. Likewise, global warming and energy security may combine to form a "perfect crisis."

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