Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zhang Monan

Zhang Monan is a fellow of the China Information Center, a fellow of the China Foundation for International Studies, and a researcher at the China Macroeconomic Research Platform.

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Newsart for China’s Liquidity Paradox
World Affairs 1

China’s Liquidity Paradox

Despite China's swelling foreign-exchange reserves – the result of persistent current-account surpluses – market and interbank short-term interest rates are soaring. How did this happen, and what… read more

Newsart for China’s Quest for Value
Business & Finance 1

China’s Quest for Value

As some developed countries pursue “re-industrialization” and China’s comparative advantage diminishes, China must establish its competitiveness by positioning itself at the top of the global value… read more

Newsart for America’s Bond-Market Blues
World Affairs 4

America’s Bond-Market Blues

The market for US Treasury securities is one of the world’s largest and most active debt markets, providing investors with a secure stock of value, while helping to lower America’s debt-servicing… read more

Newsart for Chinese Reform Goes Local

Chinese Reform Goes Local

China’s government is now attempting fiscal decentralization to revitalize the public-finance position, while adopting financial decentralization to maintain currency stability. Indeed, the quest for … read more

Newsart for China’s Risky Finances
Economics 3

China’s Risky Finances

In the coming years, China’s government will have to confront significant challenges to achieve stable, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. But, with mounting fiscal and financial risks… read more

Newsart for Controlling China’s Currency
World Affairs 3

Controlling China’s Currency

China is stuck in a currency-creating cycle: GDP growth encourages investment, which boosts demand for capital, creates liquidity, and stimulates further GDP growth. The key to controlling the money… read more

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