Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zaki Laïdi

Zaki Laïdi is Professor of International Relations at L'Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). His most recent book is Le reflux de l'Europe.

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Newsart for Europe After Ukraine
World Affairs 4

Europe After Ukraine

It may well turn out that the international order will never be the same in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The question now is whether Europe’s leaders can ensure that whatever outcome emerges… read more

Newsart for The Enigma of European Defense
World Affairs 0

The Enigma of European Defense

While European citizens largely support the establishment of a common security and defense policy, most of Europe’s leaders have demonstrated a clear lack of interest in building one. This paradox is … read more

Newsart for The Cooperation Crisis
World Affairs 4

The Cooperation Crisis

Many hoped that the rise of a multipolar global economy would bolster multilateralism. In fact, the opposite is true: the logic of national sovereignty has made a comeback, with major economies… read more

Newsart for Europe’s Bad Trade Gamble?
Economics 5

Europe’s Bad Trade Gamble?

The start of official talks on a free-trade agreement between the EU and the US reinforces both sides’ shift away from multilateral trade policy in recent years. But, while bilateralism might be the… read more

Newsart for Following from Above
World Affairs 2

Following from Above

The realist turn in US foreign policy means that America is now willing to intervene only when its immediate interests are at stake. In other cases, America’s allies will have to demonstrate their… read more

Newsart for France Alone?
World Affairs 5

France Alone?

France's military intervention in Mali is the third such French action in just two years, following intervention in Libya and Côte d’Ivoire in 2011. While many believe that France is behaving like a… read more

Newsart for Bye-Bye, Middle East?
World Affairs 6

Bye-Bye, Middle East?

For some time now, a certain strategic vision has been gaining traction: the US is becoming energy-independent, paving the way for its political retreat from the Middle East and justifying its… read more

Newsart for Olympolitik
World Affairs 2


Of the ten countries that received the most medals at the London games, all except China and Russia are OECD members, while no less-developed countries, with the possible exception of Ukraine, are in … read more

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