Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yu Yongding

Yu Yongding was President of the China Society of World Economics and Director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has also served as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People's Bank of China, and as a member of the Advisory Committee of National Planning of the Commission of National Development and Reform of the PRC.

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Newsart for Taming the China Bears
Business & Finance 8

Taming the China Bears

China’s growth slowdown and mounting financial risks have spurred a wave of pessimism, with economists worldwide warning of an impending crash. But these predictions are largely based on historical… read more

Newsart for China’s Investment Addiction
World Affairs 0

China’s Investment Addiction

China’s economy slowed unexpectedly in the second quarter of this year, and, just as unexpectedly, most data released since July suggest that China’s growth has stabilized – eliciting a collective… read more

Newsart for China’s Coming Growth Tests

China’s Coming Growth Tests

While no one should be surprised by the recent recovery in China's economic growth, the true challenges lie in the medium and long term. Indeed, the current economic rebound is not an achievement… read more

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