Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Volker Perthes

Volker Perthes is Chairman and Director of Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin.

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Catherine Ashton
World Affairs 5

Europe in a Multipolar World

Emerging powers’ reactions to the Ukraine crisis show that what happens in Europe no longer defines world politics, even when a major conflict is brewing there. But, though many view this crisis as… read more

Newsart for A Syrian Farewell to Arms
World Affairs 0

A Syrian Farewell to Arms

The Geneva II conference on Syria, set to begin in Montreux on January 22, is unlikely to achieve its goal of forming a transitional governing authority with full executive powers. But what it can do … read more

Newsart for Syria’s No-Solution Solution
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Syria’s No-Solution Solution

The Russian-US plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons may open a more constructive approach to ending the country's civil war, because the Security Council is also demanding that peace talks take … read more

Newsart for Uniting Syria
World Affairs 2

Uniting Syria

Syrian opposition activists regularly express disappointment with the level of international support that they receive. But Syrian oppositionists must recognize that the international community is… read more

Newsart for When Democracies Collide
World Affairs 1

When Democracies Collide

The multipolar nature of today’s international system will again be on display at the upcoming G-20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. As incipient great and middle powers, such as India, Brazil,… read more

Newsart for A Post-Arab Spring Strategy
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A Post-Arab Spring Strategy

More than a year into the Arab revolts, their outcomes remain highly uncertain. But some initial lessons for international politics – and for Western, particularly European, foreign policy – merit… read more

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