Monday, October 20, 2014

Rodrigo Pardo

Rodrigo Pardo, a former foreign minister of Colombia, is the news director at RCN television, Colombia.

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Newsart for Venezuela’s Unending Ordeal
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Venezuela’s Unending Ordeal

Venezuela is descending ever deeper into violence, with street protests spreading rapidly across the country and President Nicolás Maduro’s efforts to suppress them becoming increasingly brutal.… read more

Newsart for Unpopular Populism
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Unpopular Populism

In 2005, George W. Bush’s project for a pan-American trade area was sunk by loud protests during the fourth Summit of the Americas in Argentina. Now, as Latin America’s heads of state prepare to meet … read more

Newsart for Latin America Without Chávez
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Latin America Without Chávez

In the 14 years of his presidency in Venezuela, Hugo Chávez was the main architect of important changes in relations among Latin American countries and between them and the US. So, what will the… read more

Newsart for Colombia’s Peace Gambit
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Colombia’s Peace Gambit

Two-thirds of Colombians believe that, unlike previous peace negotiations, the dialogue now taking place between President Juan Manuel Santos’ government and the FARC rebels could be successful.… read more

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