Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan is Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

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Newsart for The Case for India
Business & Finance 43

The Case for India

Indian cricket fans are manic-depressive in their treatment of their favorite teams. Such bipolar behavior seems to apply to assessments of India’s economy as well, with foreign analysts… read more

Newsart for The Paranoid Style in Economics
Economics 39

The Paranoid Style in Economics

Why do some high-profile economists turn so quickly to personal attacks against their critics? However difficult it may be to influence hearts and minds by qualifying one’s analysis and hedging one’s … read more

Newsart for Why India Slowed
Business & Finance 11

Why India Slowed

Unlike many equally poor countries, India has a strong entrepreneurial class, a reasonably large and well-educated middle class, and a number of world-class corporations that can be enlisted in the… read more

Newsart for Love the Bank, Hate the Banker

Love the Bank, Hate the Banker

Public discourse is rarely nuanced: the public's attention span is short, and subtleties tend to confuse. Nowhere is this more obvious than in current debates about bank regulation, in which bankers… read more

Newsart for Will Programmers Rule?
Business & Finance 19

Will Programmers Rule?

Two attributes of software creation allow a few talented programmers to corner the market and take all the associated profits: first, software with a slight edge tends to get a significantly greater… read more

Newsart for Why Stimulus Has Failed
Business & Finance 31

Why Stimulus Has Failed

The world suffers from a shortage of aggregate demand relative to supply, but more monetary and fiscal stimulus has done little to revive growth and employment. That is because years of a debt-fueled … read more

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