Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf played a leading role in so-called “third-wave” feminism and as an advocate of “power feminism,” which holds that women must assert themselves politically in order to achieve their goals. She advised the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Her books include The Beauty Myth, The End of America and, most recently, Vagina: A Biography.

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Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth
Culture & Society 2

Powerless Women in Power?

In many democracies, it no longer seems to matter much if a political leader is a man or a woman – or black or white. But, ironically, the empowerment of the previously marginalized is occurring… read more

Working remotely
Culture & Society 1

Hope for High-Tech Mothers

Have two highly skilled women – with four babies and toddlers between them – finally found a way to achieve an ideal work-family balance? It looks as if PowerToFly, a new startup launched to place… read more

Destroyed Mosque Gaza City
World Affairs 14

Unholy War

Someday, the details of Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza will be investigated and history will be written. But, before that happens, Israel has two moral paths open before it, one of which… read more

Newsart for Football Versus Freedom
Culture & Society 2

Football Versus Freedom

After a year of massive social protest in Brazil, soccer’s governing body, FIFA, and the World Cup’s corporate sponsors are planning carefully with the government for demonstrations during the… read more

Newsart for Homophobia and Tyranny
Culture & Society 3

Homophobia and Tyranny

Supporters of anti-gay legislation argue that it reflects an organic popular backlash against a threat to “traditional” values. But legal history shows how duplicitous this agenda really is – and… read more

Newsart for India’s Women on the March
World Affairs 1

India’s Women on the March

Sometimes countries take a mighty leap forward, forcing everyone else to take notice. On one critical issue – sexual harassment and rape – India has moved far into the lead, as the country's women… read more

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