Thursday, April 24, 2014

Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf played a leading role in so-called “third-wave” feminism and as an advocate of “power feminism,” which holds that women must assert themselves politically in order to achieve their goals. She advised the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Her books include The Beauty Myth, The End of America and, most recently, Vagina: A Biography.

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Newsart for Homophobia and Tyranny
Culture & Society 3

Homophobia and Tyranny

Supporters of anti-gay legislation argue that it reflects an organic popular backlash against a threat to “traditional” values. But legal history shows how duplicitous this agenda really is – and… read more

Newsart for India’s Women on the March
World Affairs 2

India’s Women on the March

Sometimes countries take a mighty leap forward, forcing everyone else to take notice. On one critical issue – sexual harassment and rape – India has moved far into the lead, as the country's women… read more

Newsart for The Girl Can’t Help It
Business & Finance 4

The Girl Can’t Help It

When Mary Barra was named CEO of General Motors in early December – the first woman to head a major American automaker – it seemed to many to be a milestone in women’s struggle for equal rights and… read more

Newsart for JFK’s Women Problem
Culture & Society 0

JFK’s Women Problem

Though John F. Kennedy has entered the pantheon of American heroes since his death, recent data show that women, especially, have been losing admiration for him as a leader. That decline tracks the… read more

Newsart for Justice from Tomatoes

Justice from Tomatoes

Florida tomato pickers are winning their fight for higher wages and better working conditions. More important, their struggle not only underscores the obstacles confronting workers’ organizations in… read more

Newsart for Spies versus Scribes
World Affairs 1

Spies versus Scribes

America's National Security Agency is mounting a full-scale public-relations campaign to rebut criticism of its surveillance programs. But it is also taking aim at those who would report about those… read more

Newsart for Through the Lookism Glass
Culture & Society 7

Through the Lookism Glass

When anti-feminists argue that there is a “level playing field” for women, and that any gender gap in achievement and pay reflects women’s own choices, they should consider what used to be called… read more

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