Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mark Roe

Mark Roe, a professor at Harvard Law School, is an expert on securities law and financial markets. He is the author of numerous studies of the impact of politics on corporate organization and corporate governance around the world.

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Janet Yellen
Business & Finance 3

Remaking the Money Market

Last month, at a US Federal Reserve Bank conference on the money market, officials lamented the market's enduring fragility. Six years after a run on the money market nearly brought the US – indeed,… read more

BNP Paribas fined $8.9 billion for violating American sanctions against Cuba, Iran, and Sudan
World Affairs 8

Why Pick on BNP Paribas?

To many Europeans, the $8.9 billion fine imposed by the US on the French financial-services company BNP Paribas for violating American sanctions against Cuba, Iran, and Sudan seems excessive. Three… read more

Newsart for Bonded Bankers
Business & Finance 2

Bonded Bankers

Making big banks safer has become the holy grail of financial regulation. One idea that is gaining traction is to require that senior managers are paid not in cash or equity, but in their bank's… read more

Newsart for JPMorgan Inside the Whale
Business & Finance 0

JPMorgan Inside the Whale

The conventional wisdom is that the US government would not have gone after JPMorgan Chase had its "London Whale" losses occurred during the financial crisis, when the financial system was fragile.… read more

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