Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lee Jong-Wha

Lee Jong-Wha, Professor of Economics and Director of the Asiatic Research Institute at Korea University, served as Chief Economist and Head of the Office of Regional Economic Integration at the Asian Development Bank and was a senior adviser for international economic affairs to former President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea.

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Newsart for Financial Safety Nets for Asia
World Affairs 1

Financial Safety Nets for Asia

The impending reversal of the Federal Reserve’s expansionary monetary policy carries serious downside risks for emerging Asian economies. In order to minimize the spillover effects of US monetary… read more

Newsart for Asia’s Rebalancing Act
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Asia’s Rebalancing Act

For more than three decades, Chinese demand has supported other Asian economies’ export-led growth. Now, with China facing a growth slowdown and significant downside risks, Asian countries must… read more

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Abenomics and Asia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic agenda seems to be working for his country. The question now is whether Abenomics can achieve its goals without destabilizing the world economy,… read more

Newsart for Euro Lessons for East Asia
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Euro Lessons for East Asia

Asian countries have learned from the eurozone crisis that effective management of cross-border capital flows requires well-constructed national, regional, and global responses. To respond… read more

Newsart for Safeguarding Asia’s Growth
World Affairs 3

Safeguarding Asia’s Growth

Since the onset of the global financial crisis, Asian economies – bolstered by dynamic growth in China and India – have proven to be resilient. But, as global instability begins to take its toll,… read more

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