Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jorge G. Castañeda

Jorge G. Castañeda was Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 2000-2003, after joining with his ideological opponent, President Vicente Fox, to create the country’s first democratic government. He is currently Global Distinguished Professor of Politics and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University, and is the author of The Latin American Left After the Cold War and Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara.

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Dilma Rousseff and Marina Silva
Economics 1

Brazil’s Cautious Voters

Brazil's presidential election has come alive as the mixed-race Marina Silva mounts a serious challenge to President Dilma Rousseff. But, despite Brazil's economic troubles, corruption scandals, and… read more

Jorge G. Castañeda, Brazilian protesters go to streets in Latin-America, to prevent the World Cup, due to slow economic growth in Brazil
World Affairs 2

World Cup Blues

The conventional wisdom is that economic growth has led Latin America into a trap, with citizens’ expectations rising faster than governments’ ability to fulfill them. But few expected discontent to… read more

Newsart for Latin America’s Ukraine
World Affairs 4

Latin America’s Ukraine

Paradoxically, whereas the Western powers are probably powerless in Ukraine, Latin America’s major players could exert great influence in stopping the unfolding economic, political, and human-rights… read more

Newsart for Disgruntled Democracies
Economics 2

Disgruntled Democracies

In the last two years, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru – previously models of economic success and democratic promise – have experienced slowing GDP growth and declining government… read more

Newsart for Four Marijuana Moments
Culture & Society 3

Four Marijuana Moments

Latin America and the United States have experienced what one could call a series of “marijuana moments” over the past few weeks. Given growing support for ending the senseless and bloody… read more

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