Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jeffrey Frankel

Jeffrey Frankel, a professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, previously served as a member of President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers. He directs the Program in International Finance and Macroeconomics at the US National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is a member of the Business Cycle Dating Committee, the official US arbiter of recession and recovery.

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Newsart for Why Are Commodity Prices Falling?
Economics 23

Why Are Commodity Prices Falling?

Most dollar commodity prices have fallen since the first half of the year. Though a host of sector-specific factors are at work, the fact that the downswing is so broad – as is often the case with lar… read more

Girl Trapped in Net Chiara Stevani/Flickr
Economics 10

The Subsidy Trap

Once subsidies for food and energy are in place, they are extraordinarily difficult to remove. But that does not necessarily mean that keeping them is a savvy politician’s best option.

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