Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Itamar Rabinovich

Itamar Rabinovich, Israel’s former ambassador to the United States, is President of The Israel Institute (DC and Tel Aviv) and is a senior scholar at Tel Aviv University, New York University, and the Brookings Institution.

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Newsart for Israel’s Ukraine Dilemma
World Affairs 1

Israel’s Ukraine Dilemma

As if relations between Israel and the US were not strained enough, Israel has refused to join the US in condemning Russia’s annexation of Crimea. While Israel’s decision to turn its back on its most … read more

Newsart for Defusing the Syrian Time Bomb
World Affairs 2

Defusing the Syrian Time Bomb

According to the CIA’s deputy director, Michael Morell, Syria’s civil war is "the greatest threat to US national security" – indeed, “probably the most important issue in the world today.” Given the… read more

Newsart for The Egypt-Israel Peace Test
World Affairs 0

The Egypt-Israel Peace Test

The rocket strikes that a militant group recently fired from the Sinai Peninsula into the Israeli city of Eilat were yet another reminder of the fragility of the relationship between Egypt and… read more

Newsart for Bibi at Bay
World Affairs 2

Bibi at Bay

Few foresaw the surprising setback suffered by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, his Likud party, and the right in general in Israel’s recent general election. It is an outcome that will have… read more

Newsart for Egypt the Peacemaker?
World Affairs 5

Egypt the Peacemaker?

Before the current round of fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza escalates dangerously, a ceasefire must be negotiated. Much depends on Egypt, which is best placed to broker an agreement. read more

Newsart for The Drone in the Desert
World Affairs 1

The Drone in the Desert

Iranian spokesmen have begun to threaten Israel not only with a massive response to any potential attack, but also with a preemptive strike. And a drone was recently sent over southern Israel, most… read more

Newsart for The Sinai Powder Keg
World Affairs 1

The Sinai Powder Keg

Recent terrorist attacks have highlighted the explosive potential of Sinai, which comprises Egypt’s borders with Israel and Gaza. Indeed, beneath Sinai’s terrorism problem lie serious and enduring… read more

Newsart for The Syrian Tipping Point
World Affairs 1

The Syrian Tipping Point

During World War II, Winston Churchill famously drew a distinction between “the end of the beginning” and “the beginning of the end.” That distinction is equally applicable to the unfolding Syrian… read more

Newsart for The Anarchy Factor in Syria
World Affairs 0

The Anarchy Factor in Syria

The failure of the Obama administration, its Western allies, and several Middle East regional powers to take bolder action to stop the carnage in Syria is often explained by their fear of anarchy. In … read more

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