Thursday, October 23, 2014

Howard Davies

Howard Davies, a professor at Sciences Po in Paris, was the first chairman of the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority (1997-2003). He was Director of the London School of Economics (2003-11) and served as Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry.

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The Spider of Finance

The Financial Stability Board has now been in operation for five years. Though no international audit of its performance has been undertaken, a fair verdict would be that the FSB has done no more and … read more

Jean-Claude Juncker European People's Party
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Looking Beyond Juncker

Though the European Commission presidency is an important job, proposing new legislation is something of a luxury for Europe these days. Rather than contemplating new directives on the desirable… read more

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Rank Mysteries

The release of the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), published by the consultancy Z/Yen in London, shows stability at the top of the table and volatility below. But do such rankings… read more

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The Fox and the ECB

Danièle Nouy, who has just been named the ECB’s first head of banking supervision, faces a difficult task ahead in overseeing some 130 banks that account for 80% of eurozone assets. Though Nouy is… read more

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Libor Unplugged

In response to last year's Libor scandal, the UK's Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards is proposing criminal liability for individual bankers who engage in reckless conduct with bank… read more

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