Thursday, October 2, 2014

Harold James

Harold James is Professor of History and International Affairs at Princeton University, Professor of History at the European University Institute, Florence, and a senior fellow at the Center for International Governance Innovation. A specialist on German economic history and on globalization, he is the author of The Creation and Destruction of Value: The Globalization Cycle, Krupp: A History of the Legendary German Firm, and Making the European Monetary Union.

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What Enabled Bretton Woods?
World Affairs 5

What Enabled Bretton Woods?

The Bretton Woods conference created a global monetary framework that served as a cornerstone of a peaceful global political order for at least 30 years. What was the key to its effectiveness, and… read more

Newsart for Europe and Anti-Europe
Culture & Society 6

Europe and Anti-Europe

The European Parliament election made it clear that there are now two Europes: one in which the logic of integration is deeply embedded in the sociopolitical order; and one that rejects the basic… read more

Newsart for YouSlander
World Affairs 4


The recent release on YouTube of an intercepted phone conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the American ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt is a classic… read more

Newsart for History versus Europe
World Affairs 9

History versus Europe

History can mean eternal clashes that are shaped by profound geopolitical forces, or it can suggest a need to find ways to escape from ancient predicaments and outdated prejudices. It is this… read more

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