Thursday, September 18, 2014

Guy Sorman

Guy Sorman, a French philosopher and economist, is the author of Economics Does Not Lie.

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Newsart for Islands of Isolation
World Affairs 3

Islands of Isolation

Given their old imperial ambitions and widespread distaste for the great continents from which the narrowest of seas divide them, both the British and the Japanese are vulnerable to the appeal of… read more

Newsart for Back to Utopia?
World Affairs 1

Back to Utopia?

France's presidential election appears to herald European voters' turn away from charismatic leaders in favor of bland normalcy. But almost one-third of French voters supported extremist parties in… read more

Newsart for The End of Green Ideology
World Affairs 0

The End of Green Ideology

The meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant has sent political aftershocks racing around the globe. More often than not, however, the shocks have been ideological, with no basis in science. read more

Newsart for The Hard Right Goes Soft
World Affairs 0

The Hard Right Goes Soft

Marine Le Pen is seeking the same path to power for France's National Front as that traveled by far-right parties in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark, all of which first became “soft”… read more

Newsart for Dreaming of a New Edo Era
World Affairs 0

Dreaming of a New Edo Era

In mid-November, G-20 leaders convene for the first time in South Korea - a choice of venue that tacitly acknowledges the country's remarkable success in becoming an economic powerhouse and a vibrant … read more

Newsart for The Welfare State, RIP
World Affairs 0

The Welfare State, RIP

It is usually easier to see the beginning of something than the end of it. Born in 1945 in post-war Britain, the welfare state met its end in Britain this week, when British Chancellor of the… read more

Newsart for Europe’s Vision Deficit
World Affairs 0

Europe’s Vision Deficit

What makes Europe's desolate economic landscape even gloomier is European leaders’ striking inability to explain it to their citizens. Indeed, it seems that here lies the seminal reason for their… read more

Newsart for What Asian Century?
World Affairs 0

What Asian Century?

It is almost taken for granted nowadays that this is to be the “Asian Century,” marking an irreversible political/economic shift in global power from West to East. But the Asian Century is a myth: we … read more

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