Thursday, October 23, 2014

Giles Merritt

Giles Merritt is Editor of Europe's World and heads the Brussels-based think tanks Friends of Europe and Security & Defense Agenda.

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Newsart for The Post-Russian World Order
World Affairs 11

The Post-Russian World Order

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is wrongly seen as the start of Cold War II. But, while the fallout from Vladimir Putin’s defiance of international law will be very different from that of the Soviet … read more

Newsart for Penny Wise, Gas Foolish
World Affairs 1

Penny Wise, Gas Foolish

No one can yet say how much oil and gas lies within Cyprus’s territorial waters, but there are strong indications that it could make a huge contribution to the EU’s energy needs. Clearly, the wrong… read more

Newsart for Europe’s Fairness Crisis
World Affairs 7

Europe’s Fairness Crisis

For many years, Europeans viewed the EU as a catalyst for economic growth and greater “cohesion” through policies that primarily benefited Europe’s poorer countries and more backward regions. That… read more

Newsart for NATO, the Sequel
World Affairs 1

NATO, the Sequel

The Arab Spring entered a new phase with the collapse of the Qaddafi regime, but it is still far too soon to pronounce North Africa stabilized. Indeed, what the region needs in the long term is a new … read more

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