Monday, October 20, 2014

Daniel Gros

Daniel Gros is Director of the Brussels-based Center for European Policy Studies. He has worked for the International Monetary Fund, and served as an economic adviser to the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the French prime minister and finance minister. He is the editor of Economie Internationale and International Finance.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin
Economics 4

Sanctions and Solidarity

A common fund to provide compensation for the economic costs of sanctions should be an integral part of the EU’s emerging foreign-policy stance toward Russia. Creating such a fund would provide a… read more

Bankruptcy in the US
World Affairs 5

The Transatlantic Growth Gap

The key to the economic-performance gap between the US and the EU in the last three years is the resilience of private consumption by American households. How were US households able to reduce their… read more

European Parliament Flags
World Affairs 4

Who Won Europe?

The process of choosing the European Commission’s next president appears to be a conflict between the voice of the people, as expressed in last month’s European Parliament election, and backroom… read more

Newsart for Europe Is Still Standing
Economics 2

Europe Is Still Standing

Judging from the headlines, one might get the impression that the 400 million citizens eligible to participate in the recent European Parliament voted massively against the EU. But to characterize… read more

Newsart for Europe’s Big Bang at Ten
World Affairs 7

Europe’s Big Bang at Ten

A decade after the EU admitted ten new member states, including eight from the former Soviet bloc, enlargement has turned out differently than expected. The internal challenges have proved… read more

Newsart for Restarting Ukraine’s Economy
World Affairs 6

Restarting Ukraine’s Economy

Regardless of whether Ukraine is “lost,” or who lost it, the country can still offer an attractive future for all of its citizens if unavoidable economic reforms can be made compatible with regional… read more

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