Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brigitte Granville

Brigitte Granville is Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London, and the author of Remembering Inflation.

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Newsart for Deconstructing the Euro
Business & Finance 12

Deconstructing the Euro

The eurozone’s current travails stem from the fact that the euro’s exchange rate does not align with member countries' economic positions – a problem that cannot be resolved within the currency… read more

Newsart for Poking the Eurozone Bear
Economics 3

Poking the Eurozone Bear

When confronted by a bear, the conventional wisdom is to lie motionless until it loses interest and leaves you alone; but there are distinctions among kinds of bears, with some more likely to respond … read more

Newsart for Scotching the Eurozone
Business & Finance 0

Scotching the Eurozone

Conventional wisdom suggests that Scottish independence is possible, albeit not very likely, while any country’s departure from the eurozone is fanciful. But the monetary decisions that a newly… read more

Newsart for The Ghost of Inflation Future
Economics 11

The Ghost of Inflation Future

Of all the problems afflicting the world economy nowadays, inflation may seem like the least of our worries. But an understanding of how the Great Inflation of the 1970's was tamed offers important… read more

Newsart for The French Disconnection
World Affairs 6

The French Disconnection

Dire conditions can permit what was once unthinkable to push its way into public debate. In France, the idea that now dares to speak its name is that the country will sink into an ever-deeper… read more

Newsart for The French Death Rattle
Business & Finance 5

The French Death Rattle

Moody’s announcement in November that it had downgraded France’s sovereign-credit rating implies that the government's response to calls for a "competitiveness shock" was inadequate. In fact, Moody's … read more

Newsart for The French Cul de Sac
World Affairs 1

The French Cul de Sac

As France's presidential election looms, the country is approaching a breaking point, owing to the crisis of its banks and its parlous fiscal position. When that point is reached – almost certainly… read more

Newsart for Targeting the Targeters
Business & Finance 0

Targeting the Targeters

In order to anchor inflation expectations effectively, inflation targets must be realistic. But that is far from the case these days for the Bank of England, and even for the European Central Bank,… read more

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