Thursday, April 24, 2014

Andrés Velasco

Andrés Velasco, a former presidential candidate and finance minister of Chile, is Professor of Professional Practice in International Development at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. He has taught at Harvard University and New York University, and is the author of numerous studies on international economics and development.

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Newsart for Running in Place
Economics 0

Running in Place

Chile is a case of successful pro-market reform, argues Sebastián Piñera, who stepped down from the presidency on March 11. He is wrong: The Chilean economy has expanded; but growth has had little to … read more

Newsart for One Hundred Days of Solitude
Politics 8

One Hundred Days of Solitude

Latin America’s regional institutions are weak – even weaker than Europe’s. But regional leaders' lame response to the crisis in Venezuela reveals something else: a morally crooked logic that… read more

Newsart for The Taper Wolf at the Door
Business & Finance 0

The Taper Wolf at the Door

Last spring, the mere possibility that the Fed might reduce its purchases of long-term assets – the so-called “taper” – sent market interest rates in the US soaring and currencies in several emerging … read more

Newsart for Emerging Markets’ Nirvana Lost
World Affairs 6

Emerging Markets’ Nirvana Lost

“Nirvana” is defined as the state of freedom from suffering. For emerging markets, that state is over; but, in some cases, their citizens – still feeling rich from cheap money and high export prices… read more

Newsart for A Tale of Two Countries
World Affairs 2

A Tale of Two Countries

Barely two years ago, Brazil’s rapid economic growth and expanding middle class made it the darling of the financial markets, whereas Mexico was better known for drug gangs and violence. But now… read more

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