Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alfred Stepan

Alfred Stepan is Professor of Government and Director of the Center for Democracy, Toleration, and Religion at Columbia University.

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Newsart for Senegal’s Resilient Democracy
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Senegal’s Resilient Democracy

Many commentators doubted whether democracy in Senegal, a country whose population is 95% Muslim, would survive its most recent presidential election, in which the incumbent, Abdoulaye Wade, sought a … read more

Newsart for Africa’s Imperiled Democracy
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Africa’s Imperiled Democracy

The future of one of Africa’s oldest democracies is at stake in Senegal’s presidential election on February 26. The incumbent, Abdoulaye Wade, formerly a leading advocate for democracy, has, at… read more

Newsart for Does Egypt Need a Pharaoh?
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Does Egypt Need a Pharaoh?

As Egypt’s revolution hangs in the balance, what factors are most likely to determine the outcome? While all eyes seem to be focused on the army, watching to see which way it will jump, other key… read more

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