Sunday, February 14, 2016

Adair Turner

Adair Turner, a former chairman of the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority and former member of the UK's Financial Policy Committee, is Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking. His latest book is Between Debt and the Devil.

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Shibuya, Japan
Economics 12

Japan’s Wrong Way Out

Financial markets were surprised by the Bank of Japan’s recent introduction of negative interest rates on certain commercial bank reserves. The problem is that neither negative interest rates nor furt… read more

Shanghai skyline at night
Economics 5

China’s Twin Challenges

This month’s monetary-policy statement from the People’s Bank of China contained a striking statement: “If endogenous momentum is inadequate and returns on investment low, growth must rely on debt to … read more

Newsart for The Debt Dilemma JuanG89/Flickr
Economics 21

The Debt Dilemma

The victory of the anti-austerity Syriza party in Greece’s February election has placed debt back at the center of debates about economic growth and stability. But Greece is hardly the only country th… read more

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