Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adair Turner

Adair Turner, former Chairman of the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority, is a member of the UK’s Financial Policy Committee and the House of Lords.

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Container Ship in Choppy Water
Business & Finance 3

The Trade Delusion

Many experts fear that rising protectionism is undermining globalization, threatening to impede global economic growth. But slower growth in global trade may be inevitable, and liberalization is… read more

Newsart for In Praise of Fragmentation
Business & Finance 3

In Praise of Fragmentation

Most cross-country studies have found no evidence that capital-account liberalization is good for growth. Indeed, the most successful development stories in economic history – Japan and South Korea – … read more

Newsart for Debt and Demand
Business & Finance 3

Debt and Demand

While growth in the advanced economies seems to have picked up, it remains weak. A more stable growth model will require less of the "wrong" debt – that is, debt that finances purchases of existing… read more

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