Friday, April 25, 2014
  1. An Advocacy of Dunces

    David Ropeik

    An Advocacy of Dunces


     praises the Australian government's recent moves against an anti-vaccination advocacy group.

    Newsart for An Advocacy of Dunces Jimmy Smith/Flickr

    To ensure that the denial of scientific evidence does not put the wider community at risk, advocacy groups must be held responsible for their messages. Australia's government recently did just that, rescinding an anti-vaccination advocacy group's tax-exempt status and forcing it to change its name. READ MORE

  2. The Grand Global Health Convergence

    Gavin Yamey

    The Grand Global Health Convergence

    & 1

    &  predict massive payoffs from additional health investments in poor and middle-income countries.

    Newsart for The Grand Global Health Convergence Chhor Sokunthea/World Bank/Flickr

    By 2035, we could achieve a “grand convergence” in global health, reducing preventable maternal and child deaths, including those caused by infectious diseases, to unprecedentedly low levels worldwide. All that is needed is a coordinated, future-oriented investment strategy. READ MORE

  3. The Mosquito Menace

    John J. Cohrssen

    The Mosquito Menace

    &  want regulators to expedite field-trials of genetic-engineering techniques for controlling mosquito populations.

    Newsart for The Mosquito Menace John Tann/Flickr

    It takes only one bite from a disease-carrying mosquito to transmit a debilitating or deadly infection. Though there are no vaccines or treatments for most mosquito-borne diseases, better mechanisms for controlling mosquito populations are at hand – if we give them a chance. READ MORE

  4. Closing Africa’s Agricultural Gender Gap

    Melinda Gates

    Closing Africa’s Agricultural Gender Gap


     examines why women farmers across the continent produce less than men.

    Newsart for Closing Africa’s Agricultural Gender Gap Gates Foundation/Flickr

    Agriculture offers Africa its best opportunity to turn a vicious cycle of poverty into a virtuous cycle of development. But if Africa hopes to spark an agricultural transformation, countries will first need to remove one of the main barriers holding the sector back: a pervasive gender gap in farm productivity. READ MORE

  5. Migration on the Move

    Peter Sutherland

    Migration on the Move

    &  explain why migration is likely to gain a prominent place in the post-2015 development agenda.

    Newsart for Migration on the Move ILO/Flickr

    Migration – when it is safe, legal, and voluntary – is the oldest poverty-reduction and human-development strategy. Fortunately, it seems that this long-ignored reality is finally sinking in, with world leaders signaling their willingness to include migration in the post-2015 development agenda. READ MORE

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