Saturday, October 10, 2015
  1. Targeting Non-Communicable Diseases

    John C. Lechleiter

    Targeting Non-Communicable Diseases


     highlights the private sector's role in addressing the leading causes of death worldwide.

    DNA double-helix.

    Non-communicable diseases are one of the leading threats to economic progress and human wellbeing. Addressing the complex challenge that they pose will require a coordinated international effort that draws on the resources and expertise of governments, international non-profits, and, crucially, the private sector. READ MORE

  2. The Business of Improving Global Health

    Jörg Reinhardt

    The Business of Improving Global Health


     lauds the world's new development goal of fighting chronic disease – and thinks companies can help.

    Surgeon in surgical mask. Juan José Richards Echeverría/Flickr

    The new Sustainable Development Goals include a vow to reduce premature deaths caused by chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. But the new health-related goals are more ambitious than ever, while, in many ways, the public-health situation has never been more challenging. READ MORE

  3. GMOs and Junk Science

    Henry I. Miller, ET AL

    GMOs and Junk Science

    &  condemn the latest example of bogus research attacking the safety of genetically modified foods.

    Mad scientist.

    In today’s media landscape, the scientific method should serve as a touchstone of reality. But scientists occasionally “go rogue,” forsaking the scientific method to produce propaganda and sow fear in a public that lacks expertise but is hungry for information. READ MORE

  4. Dying to Live

    Samuel Kargbo

    Dying to Live


     explains the challenges Sierra Leone faces in recovering from the Ebola epidemic.

    fighting ebola Marcus Dipaola/ZumaPress

    The full scope of West Africa's recent Ebola epidemic – which caused three countries to grind to a halt, took thousands of lives, and shattered many more – remains unknown. But Sierra Leone is committed to getting the number of Ebola cases to zero, and doing what it takes to prevent a future outbreak. READ MORE

  5. The End of Malaria?

    Oluwatosin Omole, ET AL

    The End of Malaria?

    , ET AL 0

    , ET AL  highlight the challenges of delivering a new vaccine to the most needy.

    malaria vaccine Steve Ringman/ZumaPress

    In July, the EU approved RTS, S – a malaria vaccine also known by its trade name, Mosquirix – for use in children from six to 17 months old. While this is exciting news for everyone on the front line of the fight against the disease, many questions about the vaccine's deployment remain to be answered. READ MORE


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