Wednesday, November 26, 2014
  1. Ebola and Beyond

    Lawrence O. Gostin

    Ebola and Beyond


     outlines a strategy for addressing global health crises, beginning with the current Ebola outbreak.

    Ebola Health Volunteers Morgana Wingard/UNDP

    The US and Europe have grossly overreacted to a few isolated cases of the Ebola virus within their borders. These panicked responses are not just futile; when it comes to protecting citizens from Ebola – not to mention preventing similar global health crises from emerging in the future – they may well be counterproductive. READ MORE

  2. The Population Challenge

    Bjørn Lomborg

    The Population Challenge


     proposes cost-effective solutions to the world's demographic problems.

    Population overcrowded

    The world is facing two major demographic problems: As the world population swells, fueled by developing countries, developed countries are struggling to cope with shrinking and aging workforces. Fortunately, objective fact-based analysis has enabled economists to identify cost-effective solutions to the global population challenge. READ MORE

  3. The Ethics of Fighting Ebola

    Peter Singer

    The Ethics of Fighting Ebola


     asks whether subjects in clinical trials should be given placebos.

    Ebola test tubes Chesapeake Bay Program/Flickr

    When facing a disease that kills up to 70% of those who are infected, and no accepted treatment yet exists, should patients be subjected to clinical trials in which they might receive a placebo? Carefully monitoring the outcomes of different experimental treatments might be a more ethical approach. READ MORE

  4. The Screening Myth

    Anthony B. Miller
  5. The Inclusion Imperative

    Mahmoud Mohieldin

    The Inclusion Imperative

    &  show why the post-2015 development agenda must embrace marginalized groups.

    Disabled children Darfur UNAMID/Flickr

    In developing the post-2015 development agenda, world leaders must recognize that the progress that has been made in recent years has been uneven. In fact, the same groups – such as indigenous peoples, religious or sexual minorities, and the disabled – have consistently been excluded from progress and prosperity. READ MORE

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