Tuesday, January 27, 2015
  1. Why Russia’s Economy Will Not Collapse

    Charles Wyplosz

    Why Russia’s Economy Will Not Collapse


     warns against overestimating the impact of the ruble's current travails.

    Russian ruble coins Alexandr Samoyluk/Flickr

    The rapid depreciation of the ruble, despite a dramatic – and seemingly desperate – late-night interest-rate hike by the central bank last month, has raised the specter of Russia’s economic meltdown in 1998. But, though Russia’s economy is undoubtedly in trouble, a full-blown collapse is unlikely. READ MORE

  2. Starting South Korea’s New Growth Engines

    Lee Jong-Wha
  3. Can China Avoid Deflation?

    Yao Yang
  4. Have We Become Too Flexible?

    Adair Turner
  5. The Fall of the House of Samuelson

    Robert Skidelsky

    The Fall of the House of Samuelson


     re-reads the Nobel laureate economist in the light – or shadow – of post-crisis stagnation.

    Economics books stack Tiffany Bailey/Flickr

    The Nobel laureate economist Paul Samuelson believed that because governments knew how to stop depressions, voters would insist that they use this knowledge. But he was only half right: Though governments do know how to stop a slide into another Great Depression, they are haunted by fears of large fiscal deficits. READ MORE

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