Friday, April 18, 2014
  1. The Irrelevant German Consumer

    Michael Heise

    The Irrelevant German Consumer


     challenges the view that global rebalancing requires Germany to boost household demand.

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    With global rebalancing set to be high on the agenda at the next G-7 and G-20 meetings, Germany, with its persistent export surplus, will again come under pressure to boost household demand. But the German consumer is a sideshow, while the main acts are investment demand and monetary policy. READ MORE

  2. Taming the China Bears

    Yu Yongding

    Taming the China Bears


     argues that predictions of a hard economic landing are largely unwarranted.

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    China’s growth slowdown and mounting financial risks have spurred a wave of pessimism, with economists worldwide warning of an impending crash. But these predictions are largely based on historical precedents and universal indicators against which China, with its unique economic features, simply cannot accurately be judged. READ MORE

  3. The Future of Economic Progress

    Kemal Derviş

    The Future of Economic Progress


     homes in on the key questions surrounding the nature and measurement of contemporary growth.

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    Slowly but surely, the debate about the nature of economic growth is entering a new phase. The emerging questions are sufficiently different from those of recent decades that one can sense a shift in the conceptual framework that will structure the discussion of economic progress – and economic policy – from now on. READ MORE

  4. Europe’s Deepening Muddle

    Ashoka Mody

    Europe’s Deepening Muddle


     says that recent German calls for EU treaty changes are little more than empty rhetorical finery.

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    German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently called for EU treaty changes to create a European budget commissioner, among other things. But, while Schäuble’s strategy may sound appealing, it will amount to nothing – not least because of countries' unwillingness to cede sovereignty. READ MORE

  5. The Growing Divide Within Developing Economies

    Dani Rodrik

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