Tuesday, April 28, 2015
  1. The AIIB and Global Governance

    Andrew Sheng, ET AL

    The AIIB and Global Governance

    & 1

    &  believe that Western leaders should welcome China's efforts to expand its economic leadership role.

    The forbidden city mclcbooks/Flickr

    Despite official American and Japanese opposition, 57 countries have opted to be among the founding members of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Regardless of what naysayers believe, this remarkable turn of events can only benefit global economic governance. READ MORE

  2. Are the Good Times Over?

    Michael J. Boskin

    Are the Good Times Over?


     is cautiously optimistic about the global economy’s growth prospects.

    Amusement park ride balloons Raging Wire/Flickr

    When a boom or bust lasts for a long time, it begins to seem like it will continue indefinitely. Six years after the Great Recession, many wonder whether insufficient investment and/or waning gains from technological innovation have pushed the global economy into a “new normal” of lower growth and slow, if any, gains in living standards. READ MORE

  3. A New Deal for Greece

    Yanis Varoufakis

    A New Deal for Greece


     outlines what the government and its European partners must do to keep reform on track.

    Greece flag Michael Debets/ZumaPress

    Though three months of negotiations between the Greek government and its European and international partners have brought about much convergence, they have not yet produced an agreement. What steps are needed to produce a viable, mutually acceptable reform agenda? READ MORE

  4. Ireland’s Lessons for Greece

    Michael Heise

    Ireland’s Lessons for Greece


     defends the effectiveness of resolute fiscal consolidation in the face of severe recession.

    Ireland bank building economics Canadian Pacific/Flickr

    While no one disputes that things have gone wrong in Greece, the Syriza-led Greek government's argument that fiscal consolidation necessarily leads to never-ending recession – which forms the core of its case for a new deal from its creditors – is not borne out by the facts. Just look at Ireland. READ MORE

  5. Europe’s Roadblocks to Long-Term Investment

    Angelien Kemna

    Europe’s Roadblocks to Long-Term Investment


     urges authorities to assess the regulatory environment’s adverse effects on capital allocation.

    highway roadblock Washington State Dept of Transportation/Flickr

    The enormous number of new rules put in place in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis are contributing to the lack of liquidity in Europe’s capital markets. Policymakers would be wise to reshape the broader regulatory environment with an eye toward facilitating long-term investment. READ MORE

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