Thursday, August 28, 2014
  1. The Stall-Speed Syndrome

    Stephen S. Roach

    The Stall-Speed Syndrome


     warns that anemic growth is leaving developed economies vulnerable to a recessionary relapse.

    bumpy road inajeep/Flickr

    As tempting as it may be to attribute developed economies' latest growth slowdown to idiosyncratic factors, weakening performance in the US, Europe, and Japan is not so easily dismissed. In all of these cases, the post-recession rebound has not been nearly large enough to alter the sluggish underlying trend. READ MORE

  2. Good and Bad Inequality

    Michael Spence

    Good and Bad Inequality


     asks whether disparities of income and wealth help or hurt prospects for economic growth.

    Poverty Bangkok Ronn Aldaman/Flickr

    The “old” theory about inequality was that redistribution via the tax system weakened incentives and undermined economic growth. But the relationship between inequality and growth is far more complex and multi-dimensional than this simple trade-off suggests. READ MORE

  3. Belly-Up Brazil?

    Gene Frieda

    Belly-Up Brazil?


     is worried that the country could end up like Venezuela, mired in stagflation.

    Dilma Rousseff Alex Silva/ZumaPress

    Since the World Cup ended in July, Brazilian economic activity has plummeted, inflationary pressures have intensified, and consumer and business confidence have collapsed. Just how sick is Brazil’s economy, and how will its malaise affect the outcome of the presidential election in October? READ MORE

  4. A European Lost Decade?

    Michael Heise
  5. Italy’s Downward Spiral

    Hans-Werner Sinn

    Italy’s Downward Spiral


     argues that the economy's long slump reflects the failure of officials to address the real problem.

    Downward spiral CTRLF5/Flickr

    Italy is now in a triple-dip recession. But it didn’t get there by itself: Though the economy’s long slide reflects Italian leaders’ failure to confront the country's loss of competitiveness, it is a failure that is widely shared in Europe. READ MORE


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