Wednesday, October 7, 2015
  1. Debt Déjà Vu

    Adair Turner

    Debt Déjà Vu


     argues that debt write-downs and permanent monetization are needed to increase global demand.

    US dollar bills rolled. faungg's photos/Flickr

    Seven years after the global financial crisis, leverage worldwide is higher than ever, and aggregate demand is still insufficient to drive robust growth. More radical policies – such as major debt write-downs or increased fiscal deficits financed by permanent monetization – will be required to increase global demand. READ MORE

  2. Greece Without Illusions

    Yanis Varoufakis

    Greece Without Illusions


     examines what little room for maneuver Greece's freshly reelected government has.

    Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras Martin Schulz/Flickr

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras understands that his freshly reelected government is skating on the thin ice of a fiscal program that cannot succeed and a "reform" agenda that his ministers loathe. With the reality of further austerity measures set to test voters' patience, does Tsipras have any room for maneuver? READ MORE

  3. The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade

    Joseph E. Stiglitz, ET AL

    The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade

    &  warn that the biggest regional trade and investment agreement in history is not what it seems.

    Big city skyline

    As negotiators and ministers from the US and 11 other Pacific Rim countries meet in Atlanta in an effort to finalize the details of the sweeping new Trans-Pacific Partnership, some sober analysis is warranted. The biggest regional trade and investment agreement in history is not what it seems. READ MORE

  4. The Chinese Economy and Fed Policy

    Martin Feldstein

    The Chinese Economy and Fed Policy


     is not convinced by the Federal Reserve's justification for postponing a hike in interest rates.

    United States 20-dollar bill. lincolnblues/Flickr

    The Federal Reserve should start tightening monetary policy to reduce the risks of financial instability caused by the behavior of investors and lenders in response to the prolonged period of exceptionally low interest rates since the 2008 financial crisis. Events in China are no reason for further delay. READ MORE

  5. The Sino-American Codependency Trap

    Stephen S. Roach


320 pages
320 pages

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