Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  1. Parallels to 1937

    Robert J. Shiller

    Parallels to 1937


     worries that too many people are losing confidence in the future – and in democratic institutions.

    fear in russia misha maslennikov/Flickr

    The depression that followed the 1929 stock-market crash took a turn for the worse eight years later, and recovery came only with the enormous economic stimulus provided by World War II, a conflict that cost more than 60 million lives. The global situation today is not nearly so dire, but there are parallels, particularly to 1937. READ MORE

  2. A New Trans-American Partnership

    Ernesto Talvi

    A New Trans-American Partnership


     calls for renewed cooperation, beginning with trade, between North and South America.

    shipping container David Wallace/Flickr

    Rediscovering the spirit of the 1994 Summit of the Americas, where US President Bill Clinton and his Latin American counterparts set out a grand vision for the hemisphere, would benefit all. One way to revive that sense of common purpose would be to create a new Trans-American Partnership. READ MORE

  3. Facing Reality in the Eurozone

    Adair Turner

    Facing Reality in the Eurozone


     hails ECB President Mario Draghi's call for fiscal stimulus.

    Mario Draghi ECB Governing Council ECB/Flickr

    The implications of ECB President Mario Draghi’s comments at the annual Jackson Hole gathering of central bankers contained a more startling implication than many initially recognized. Escaping from recession and avoiding a eurozone breakup will require ECB-financed fiscal stimulus. READ MORE

  4. Is Abenomics Working?

    Koichi Hamada

    Is Abenomics Working?


     urges Japan's government to launch the third "arrow" of its plan to revive economic growth.

    Shinzo Abe European Council/Flickr

    Preliminary GDP data show a 6.8% contraction year-on-year in the second quarter of this year – the largest since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country. It is time for Japan's leaders to shift their focus toward a new growth strategy, centered on labor-market reform, deregulation, and corporate-tax changes. READ MORE

  5. Democracy in the Twenty-First Century

    Joseph E. Stiglitz

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