Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Robert J. Shiller

Robert J. Shiller, a 2013 Nobel laureate in economics, is Professor of Economics at Yale University and the co-creator of the Case-Shiller Index of US house prices. He is the author of Irrational Exuberance, the second edition of which predicted the coming collapse of the real-estate bubble, and, most recently, Finance and the Good Society.

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fear in russia
World Affairs 45

Parallels to 1937

The depression that followed the 1929 stock-market crash took a turn for the worse eight years later, and recovery came only with the enormous economic stimulus provided by World War II, a conflict… read more

Blowing Bubbles
Business & Finance 22

Booming Until It Hurts?

In recent months, concern has intensified among the world’s financial experts and news media that overheated asset markets – real estate, equities, and long-term bonds – could lead to a major… read more

Newsart for Bubbles Forever
Business & Finance 19

Bubbles Forever

In 2006, the largest global real-estate bubble in history imploded, and the collapse of a major worldwide stock-market bubble a year later triggered the global financial crisis. Although one might… read more

Newsart for Austerity and Demoralization
Economics 21

Austerity and Demoralization

Austerity, according to some of its promoters, is supposed to improve morale. But the kind of fiscal austerity that is being practiced now has the immediate effect of rendering people jobless and… read more

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