Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zhang Jun

Zhang Jun is Professor of Economics and Director of the China Center for Economic Studies at Fudan University, Shanghai.

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China’s Visionary Stimulus

China's CN¥4 trillion post-crisis stimulus has been widely criticized for leading to excessive monetary growth. But the policy also helped to expand China’s foreign trade and boost its external… read more

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Li’s Balancing Act

In recent years, short-term investment opportunities in China have diminished, raising fears of a hard landing. To buy time for structural adjustment and reform – critical to generating the next wave … read more

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Li Keqiang’s Bottom Line

Last year, Chinese GDP growth reached a two-decade low, and no upturn is in sight. But, as Premier Li Keqiang seems to recognize, this downward trend could actually be beneficial, spurring the… read more

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Can China Adapt?

Many economists are becoming increasingly pessimistic about China's economic prospects, pointing to Japan as evidence that, after three decades, breakneck growth may be coming to an end. China can… read more

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