Monday, October 20, 2014

Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh was the first person to have served as India’s finance minister (1996, 2002-2004), foreign minister (1998-2004), and defense minister (2000-2001). While in office, he launched the first free-trade agreement (with Sri Lanka) in South Asia’s history, initiated India’s most daring diplomatic opening to Pakistan, revitalized relations with the US, and reoriented the Indian military, abandoning its Soviet-inspired doctrines and weaponry for close ties with the West. His most recent book is India at Risk: Mistakes, Misconceptions and Misadventures of Security Policy.

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Vladimir Putin
World Affairs 9

The Silence of the BRICS

The world, it seems, is in the grip of geopolitical anomie, with no leader, group of leaders, or institution commanding sufficient authority to restore order. For many, this global rudderlessness… read more

India's Iraq problem and ISIS
World Affairs 4

India’s Iraq Problem

The turmoil in Iraq – which has deepened with the rapid advance of the militant Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – is now threatening to spread to Afghanistan and Pakistan. For India, this amounts to… read more

China India Japan Maritime Exercises
World Affairs 3

A Chinese Monroe Doctrine?

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s upcoming visit to India is about more than getting acquainted with the country's new government. The leaders of both countries will be taking one another’s measure, … read more

Newsart for A New Vision for India
World Affairs 3

A New Vision for India

There is no shortage of economic and security challenges facing India’s new government. But, with a clear, confident vision and credibility-enhancing policies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's… read more

Newsart for India’s Next Foreign Policy
World Affairs 4

India’s Next Foreign Policy

After an election campaign dominated by economic issues, the question of what foreign policy India's next government should pursue remains unanswered. Whatever the specifics, one imperative is clear: … read more

Newsart for The Election Question
World Affairs 2

The Election Question

With street protests roiling democracies from Bangkok to Kyiv, observers are increasingly questioning whether popular elections are an adequate criterion by which to judge a country’s commitment to… read more

Newsart for Asia’s New Security Trifecta
World Affairs 4

Asia’s New Security Trifecta

Winter is India’s diplomatic high season, with the cool, sunny weather forming an ideal backdrop for pageantry. But this winter has been particularly impressive, with leaders from Japan and South… read more

Newsart for India’s Decade of Decay
Politics 8

India’s Decade of Decay

At a recent press conference, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed his hope that history would judge his tenure more kindly than his political adversaries do. But such an outcome is… read more

Newsart for Asia’s Historical Furies
World Affairs 1

Asia’s Historical Furies

As US Vice President Joe Biden just discovered on his tour of Japan, China, and South Korea, the American novelist William Faulkner’s observation – “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” –… read more

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