Thursday, March 30, 2017
  1. Tillerson Goes to Asia

    Christopher R. Hill

    Tillerson Goes to Asia


     calls for a more comprehensive – and better-articulated – US strategy toward North Korea.

    Rex Tillerson visit Asia Mark Schiefelbein/Pool/Getty Images
    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent trip to Asia represented an important opportunity to begin to address what could turn out to be the biggest international challenge the Trump administration will face in the next four years: North Korea's unrelenting push for deliverable nuclear weapons. He didn't seize it. READ MORE
  2. From Great Britain to Little England?

    Michael O’Sullivan, ET AL

    From Great Britain to Little England?

    &  suggest that the United Kingdom take lessons from other small economies to soften the Brexit blow.

    Theresa May Article 50 Christopher Furlong/WPA Pool/Getty Images
    According to British Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit will transform the UK into what she calls “Global Britain.” And yet, far from being a great power, a UK outside of the EU will have to follow a small-country economic model like that of Norway or Switzerland. READ MORE
  3. A Dramatic Comeback for Europe

    Anatole Kaletsky
  4. The Arab Spring and the Western Winter

    Ishac Diwan

    The Arab Spring and the Western Winter


     traces parallels between the Middle East uprisings of 2010-11 and the populist resurgence today.

    arab spring anniversary Chedly Ben Ibrahim/Corbis/Getty Images
    There are many striking parallels between the 2010-2011 “Arab Spring” and the Brexit referendum, Donald Trump’s election, and the far-right resurgence across Europe. In each case, an old order fell, and progressive parties have been too weak to counter the emergence of authoritarian and xenophobic forms of governance. READ MORE
  5. The Coming Ban on Nuclear Weapons

    Zia Mian

    The Coming Ban on Nuclear Weapons


     lauds the start of UN negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

    nuclear protestors Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images
    On March 27, the United Nations will start negotiations on an international treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapon states will finally be put to the test: Will they keep their promises to disarm and join the treaty, or will they reject international law and the will of the global community? READ MORE
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