Monday, May 29, 2017
  1. Democracy Trumps Terrorism

    Chris Patten

    Democracy Trumps Terrorism


     hails Britain and France for responding to terrorist acts with resilience, not fear.

    union jack Chesnot/Getty Images
    The people who plan and commit terrorist acts will probably never learn that theirs is a lost cause – that life always wins over death. Although open societies will undoubtedly have to withstand more Manchester-like attacks in the future, it is already clear that democracy will not be defeated by them. READ MORE
  2. The Shrinking of the Presidency

    Ana Palacio
  3. The Six-Day War at 50

    Richard N. Haass

    The Six-Day War at 50


     examines the conflicted legacy of Israel's June 1967 victory over Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

    six day war israeli tanks Three Lions/Getty Images
    The world is about to mark the 50th anniversary of the June 1967 war between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria – a conflict that continues to stand out in a region with a modern history largely defined by violence. The war lasted less than a week, but its legacy remains pronounced a half-century later. READ MORE
  4. What NATO Needs from Trump

    Michael Mandelbaum

    What NATO Needs from Trump


     describes the type of leadership the alliance requires, but isn't getting, from the US president.

    Trump air force one Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
    As Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as president proceeds, the turmoil generated by his firing of FBI Director James Comey and the ongoing inquiry into his election campaign’s ties with Russia are following him. Nowhere will the events in Washington weigh more heavily than in Brussels, where Trump will meet with NATO leaders. READ MORE
  5. How Macron Can Unite Europe

    Hans-Werner Sinn

    How Macron Can Unite Europe


     advises the new French president not to pursue a fiscal union without political integration.

    Merkel Macron meeting NurPhoto/Getty Images
    Pushing for the creation of a fiscal union without a political union could forever block the road to European unification, and set the people of Europe against one another more than the euro ever did. If French President Emmanuel Macron really wants to unite Europe, he should focus on strengthening defense partnerships. READ MORE
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