Tuesday, February 28, 2017
  1. Realism About Trumpism

    Joschka Fischer

    Realism About Trumpism


     laments that the new administration is confirming everyone's worst fears, and counsels resilience.

    Trump GOP
    Any hope that the demands of office, or political and economic realities, would persuade US President Donald Trump to adhere to political and foreign-policy norms should now be cast aside as wishful thinking. Worst-case scenarios are now baseline scenarios. READ MORE
  2. The Threat of Threats

    Dominique Moisi

    The Threat of Threats


     argues that Europe should tackle the risks it faces lucidly and consistently – and simultaneously.

    Far right Poland Pacific Press
    Not long ago, the EU was a model of reconciliation, peace, and prosperity; today, it is a model of fear – and it is scaring others. If Europeans cannot develop – with lucidity, firmness, and dedication – enlightened solutions to the threats they face, who can? READ MORE
  3. How Poor Countries Foot the Refugee Bill

    Jorge Moreira da Silva
  4. Populism Versus the Media

    Chris Patten

    Populism Versus the Media


     says that British journalists have much to learn from their US counterparts.

    Northern Line London John Keeble/Getty Images
    Donald Trump has launched a war on the media, which his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has labeled the “opposition party.” But many US journalists, unlike their British counterparts, are fighting back, working to protect civil society from the worst excesses of populism. READ MORE
  5. Syria’s Balance of Terror

    Omar Ashour

    Syria’s Balance of Terror


     believes foreign meddling and shifting alliances will derail even the best-intentioned ceasefire.

    Syrian women hang laundry in Aleppo George Ourfalian/Stringer
    Given the weaknesses, divisions, and fatigue of the various forces at work in Syria – both the regime and the opposition – regional powers may now have a better chance of pushing for a sustainable ceasefire. But regional powers have their own interests, which seem to be taking precedence over ending the fighting. READ MORE
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