Saturday, June 24, 2017
  1. Revisiting the Global Order

    Javier Solana
  2. Trump’s Unraveling Korea Policy

    Kent Harrington

    Trump’s Unraveling Korea Policy


     blames incoherent pronouncements about the Korean Peninsula for raising fears of US disengagement.

    north korea dmz Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images
    US President Donald Trump’s signature Asian policy – his pledge to stop North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons – should have been a clear-cut example of American military support to its allies in the region. Unfortunately, like so much of Trump’s foreign policy agenda, it has proved to be anything but that. READ MORE
  3. Who Will Fill America’s Shoes?

    Richard N. Haass

    Who Will Fill America’s Shoes?


     sees no viable candidate to succeed the US as it abandons its global leadership role.

    Nato Mandel Ngan/Getty Images
    It is increasingly clear that Donald Trump represents a departure from continuity when it comes to America’s global outlook and behavior. As a result, the US will no longer play the leading international role that has defined its foreign policy for three quarters of a century – and there is no single candidate that can succeed it. READ MORE
  4. North Korea’s Real Strategy

    Christopher R. Hill

    North Korea’s Real Strategy


     challenges the conventional view that the Kim regime's main objective is self-preservation.

    soldiers north korea Kevin Frayer/Getty Images
    North Korea’s quest for nuclear weapons is often depicted as a “rational” response to its strategic imperatives of national security and regime survival. In fact, North Korea seeks to decouple the US and its South Korean partner – a split that would enable the reunification of the Korean Peninsula on Kim’s terms. READ MORE
  5. Helmut Kohl’s Vision and Legacy

    Christoph Bertram
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357 pages

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