Sunday, July 24, 2016
  1. The EU’s Bold New Strategy

    Javier Solana

    The EU’s Bold New Strategy


     defends European leaders' efforts to press ahead with a comprehensive foreign and security policy.

    Newsart for The EU’s Bold New Strategy Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

    Federica Mogherini, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, and her team have presented a Global Strategy for European Security that has clearly defined aims befitting conditions within and beyond Europe's borders. For the faltering European project, the strategy comes just in time. READ MORE

  2. Britain in Search of a Country

    Chris Patten

    Britain in Search of a Country


     surveys the unenviable task of national reconstruction facing Prime Minister Theresa May.

    Newsart for Britain in Search of a Country Jack Taylor/Stringer

    Those who campaigned for the UK to leave the EU, largely on the basis of lies and delusion, have no idea what to do next. But now that the Brexiteers have broken all the crockery in the shop, it is imperative to piece together Britain's national interest from the shards. READ MORE

  3. Poor Leadership Makes Bad Globalization

    Jorge G. Castañeda

    Poor Leadership Makes Bad Globalization


     says that policymakers don't care about victims of trade because they don't believe they have to.

    Newsart for Poor Leadership Makes Bad Globalization Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Popular backlash against disruptive change is inevitable, and occasionally serves as a useful counterweight to heedless leadership. What is new today is the extent of the backlash in Europe and North America, which many pundits and policymakers believed were better equipped than ever to manage change. READ MORE

  4. The Wrong Lessons of the Iraq War

    Anne-Marie Slaughter, ET AL
  5. The Strongman’s Power Trap

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    The Strongman’s Power Trap


     points out that leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping can no longer step down voluntarily.

    Newsart for The Strongman’s Power Trap Kyodo News/Getty Images

    In Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have ignored unwritten rules against harming those they replace or remove from power. Without such rules, a strongman can never relinquish his own power voluntarily – a consideration that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan must now bear in mind. READ MORE

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