Monday, April 24, 2017
  1. The “New” Trump’s Lopsided Foreign Policy

    Carl Bildt

    The “New” Trump’s Lopsided Foreign Policy


     worries that the US administration is focusing solely on military means at the expense of diplomacy.

    Yemen conflict Saleh Al-Obeidi/AFP/Getty Images
    After a series of foreign-policy U-turns, there is now talk of a “new” Donald Trump who is far more inclined to use military power than the candidate on display during the 2016 US presidential campaign. One should welcome America's re-engagement with the world, but not if diplomacy takes a backseat to bombs and tweets. READ MORE
  2. Trump’s War Policy in Syria

    Robert Skidelsky

    Trump’s War Policy in Syria


     doubts that the US military response to Assad's atrocities will do more than prolong the conflict.

    Trump announces syria strike Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images
    A prudent foreign policy is different from a “proportional” response to a specific event, because it involves establishing the ends that the chosen means are supposed to serve. In other words, foreign policy requires strategic thinking, and, in Syria, US President Donald Trump has shown no evidence of it. READ MORE
  3. Trump’s Dangerous Blank Check

    Stephen Holmes
  4. How Middle Eastern Immigrants Boost US Competitiveness

    Sami Mahroum

    How Middle Eastern Immigrants Boost US Competitiveness


     uses data on patent filings to predict the impact of Trump’s proposed travel ban on US innovation.

    Iran engineer travel ban return to USA Sean Rayford/Getty Images
    Inventors from predominantly Muslim countries are vital to US innovation. President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban, if enacted in whole or part, would do more than cheapen the American dream: it would weaken the country’s standing as the world’s capital of new ideas. READ MORE
  5. Befriending the European Court of Justice

    Jasper A. Bovenberg, ET AL

    Befriending the European Court of Justice

    &  advocate the use of amicus curiae briefs to boost the ECJ's legitimacy and effectiveness.

    European Court of Justice John Thys/Stringer
    At a time when member countries are increasingly pulling away from the EU, discussions about how to bring the Council, Commission, and Parliament closer to EU citizens are frequent and animated. But there is another institution that could also benefit from more input from EU citizens. READ MORE
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