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The Innovation Revolution

34 commentaries

In Project Syndicate’s exclusive series The Innovation Revolution, the world’s leading experts in architecture, industrial design, medical research, economics, and other fields examine the causes and consequences of breakthrough innovations in communications, transport, energy (and energy storage), biotechnology, and similarly crucial sectors.

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  1. Keep the Internet Tax-Free
    surfing the web Ross G. Strachan/Flickr

    Keep the Internet Tax-Free

    Dec 8, 2014 Robert D. Atkinson & Ben Miller uses a recently proposed Hungarian law to show why taxing digital technology is bad for growth.

  2. Ebola and Innovation
    Ebola Treatment Clinic Lin Xiaowei/ZumaPress

    Ebola and Innovation

    Dec 5, 2014 Muhammad Hamid Zaman sees two crucial lessons to be learned from the current outbreak.

  3. The Drag on E-Cigarettes
    E-cigarettes MomentiMedia/Flickr

    The Drag on E-Cigarettes

    Nov 24, 2014 Jacques Le Houezec wants governments and health authorities to recognize the lifesaving potential of e-cigarettes.

  4. The Urban Village
    View of Chicago Brian Koprowski/Flickr

    The Urban Village

    Nov 4, 2014 Carlo Ratti & Matthew Claudel explore the potential of computational social science to show why cities thrive.

  5. Who Killed the Nokia Phone?
    Who killed the nokia phone Brian Rasic/ZumaPress

    Who Killed the Nokia Phone?

    Oct 14, 2014 Pekka Nykänen & Merina Salminen find essential lessons in the end of one of Europe's biggest technology success stories.

  6. Mine Your Digital Business
    Mine your own business Mark Ahlness/Flickr

    Mine Your Digital Business

    Oct 9, 2014 Nathan Eagle wants Internet users to be able to sell the passive data that they generate.

  1. johnson169_Sabir MazharAnadolu Agency via Getty Images_russiaoilshipment Sabir Mazhar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    Ratcheting Up the Pressure on Russia’s Oil Revenues

    Simon Johnson & Catherine Wolfram

    By declining to include funding for Ukraine as part of the recent deal to avert a government shutdown, the US Congress sent a signal of encouragement to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That makes tightening the price cap on Russian oil exports all the more important.

    propose three steps to prevent the rise in world prices from benefiting the Kremlin's war effort.
  2. atuhamize1_Alison WrightGetty Images_ugandawomanfarmer Alison Wright/Getty Images

    Gender Justice Is Climate Justice

    Immaculate Atuhamize & Bertrand Badré explain why equal access to education and resources can help mitigate the effects of the current crisis.
  3. yu73_Jiang QimingChina News Service via Getty Images_PBOC Jiang Qiming/China News Service via Getty Images

    China’s Policy-Induced Slowdown

    Yu Yongding blames falling growth on overly conservative monetary and fiscal policies, not structural changes.
  4. ahzhang9_GREG BAKERAFP via Getty Images_baidu Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

    Chinese Regulators Give AI Firms a Helping Hand

    Angela Huyue Zhang

    While China was an early mover in regulating generative AI, it is also highly supportive of the technology and the companies developing it. Chinese AI firms might even have a competitive advantage over their American and European counterparts, which are facing strong regulatory headwinds and proliferating legal challenges.

    thinks the rules governing generative artificial intelligence give domestic firms a competitive advantage.
  5. oneill124_Ian ForsythGetty Images_sunak Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

    Ending the UK’s Permanent Silly Season

    Jim O'Neill explains what it will take for any political party to restore hope in the country's long-term economic future.
  6. zizek23_Leonardo CendamoGetty Images_leaypi Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images

    Freedom Without Justice

    Slavoj Žižek considers what an Albanian Marxist philosopher can tell us about liberty in today's world.
  7. kisilowski8_ Zuzana GogovaGetty Images_fico Zuzana Gogova/Getty Images

    Can National Reconciliation Defeat Populism?

    Maciej Kisilowski & Anna Wojciuk reflect on the outcome of Slovakia's general election in the run-up to Poland's decisive vote.
  8. nye247_ LEAH MILLISPOOLAFP via Getty Images_blinkenchina Leah Millis/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

    Not Destined for War

    Joseph S. Nye, Jr. rejects historical analogies implying that zero-sum conflict between the US and China is inevitable.
  9. james210_KAY NIETFELDPOOLAFP via Getty Images_scholzxi Kay Nietfeld/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

    Is “Peace Through Commerce” Dead?

    Harold James doubts that new conflicts and rivalries justify a full-scale rejection of European-style economic engagement.

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