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Central Banks in the Firing Line

18 commentaries

As recession takes hold in Europe, the US recovery falters, and emerging-market growth weakens, central bankers - especially at the Fed and ECB - are being pressed into action to shore up the global economy. But whether they can foster sustainable recovery – and, if so, how – is a matter of intense debate. Project Syndicate's economists consider the options.

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  1. krauss53_MELINA MARAPOOLAFP via Getty Images_bidenpelosiharris Melina Mara/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

    America First, Biden-Style

    Melvyn B. Krauss

    Does US President Joe Biden want a dynamic America, open to the world, or Donald Trump’s anxious America, suspicious and contemptuous of others? Until Biden offers a bold gesture to exorcise the spirit of Trump from US foreign policy, his hopes of restoring American global leadership are likely to be disappointed.

    laments the Trumpian spirit that continues to haunt US foreign policy.
  2. chellaney138_RajkumarMint via Getty Images_newsstand Rajkumar/Mint via Getty Images

    The Lurid Orientalism of Western Media

    Brahma Chellaney

    By trafficking in images of death, suffering, and private acts of mourning, Western media coverage of the COVID-19 crisis in India has broken one of the first rules of journalism. And while a Western double standard is nothing new, applying it repeatedly does not make it more acceptable.

    thinks the sensationalized coverage of the COVID-19 crisis in India speaks to a larger problem.

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