Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Europe at Home and Abroad

Is a common European foreign policy a pipe dream? Can the European Union shape the way international relations and international law evolve? Is the United Kingdom turning even more inward? Is France re-emerging as a global actor under Nicolas Sarkozy? What is Europe’s role in a world grappling with the decline of American leadership, the rise of China and India, the resurgence of Russia, and the challenge of Islamism?

For some, Europe is in decline, a continent of bickering nations that are unable to translate their collective wealth into global influence. Others regard Europe as a beacon of stability, with a unique capacity to lead the world away from the destructive passions of national chauvinism and into a twenty-first century shaped by cooperation and the rule of law.

How will the EU and its member states respond to these conflicting expectations? Will they nurture their fledgling common foreign policy in order to influence international politics? Or will they sit back and let others write the rules of the game? Can Europe export its values and legal system through the force of example and the might of its market, compensating with “soft power” what it lacks in arms?

Produced in collaboration with the Europe-wide policy journal Europe’s World, Project Syndicate’s monthly series Europe at Home and Abroad is the premier source for discerning analysis of Europe’s search for global influence. With contributions from such senior policymakers as Martti Ahtisaari, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Christine Lagarde, and Carl Bildt,Europe at Home and Abroad provides an incisive and provocative perspective on the developments that will shape the Continent’s future – and its impact on the world.

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