Thursday, July 27, 2017
  1. A Cross-Party Way Forward on Brexit

    Richard S. Grossman

    A Cross-Party Way Forward on Brexit


     suggests that the more sensible wings of the UK's major political parties forge a unity government.

    Ken Clarke Paul Gilham/Getty Images
    With Brexit looming, the UK needs an experienced leader who can dispense with tribal politics and bring together sensible Tories, Labourites, and Liberal Democrats to map out the country's future. As a respected former chancellor of the exchequer, Father of the House Kenneth Clarke is the man for the job. READ MORE
  2. Why Obamacare Survived

    Jeffrey Frankel
  3. Britain En Marche ?

    Bill Emmott

    Britain En Marche ?


     thinks that the political conditions in the UK may be right for a new political party.

    British Guards marching in London Tim Graham/Getty Images
    Even as the UK faces the upheaval of Brexit, nobody is talking about remaking – much less challenging – the established political parties. But, while the British political system does put formidable barriers in the path of new parties, the chances of success are greater now that at any time in the past 40 years. READ MORE
  4. Turkey’s Year of Turmoil

    Carl Bildt

    Turkey’s Year of Turmoil


     worries that the country's progress toward modernization could soon go into reverse.

    Turkey coup anniversary Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
    It has been one year since the failed coup in Turkey, but questions about the country’s future still abound. Chief among them is whether Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will continue to use the events of last summer as a pretext to launch his own coup against what remains of Turkey’s secular democracy. READ MORE
  5. Venezuela’s Rebels With a Cause

    Anne-Marie Slaughter, ET AL

    Venezuela’s Rebels With a Cause

    &  explain why young people are leading the ongoing wave of protests against the Maduro government.

     Wuilly Arteaga at a protest in Caracas Carlos Becerra/Getty Images
    The collapse of oil prices, combined with years of economic mismanagement by the government, has left young Venezuelans with high expectations but no real prospects. Tragically, the only solution President Nicolás Maduro's government seems to have is stepped-up repression against those whom it betrayed. READ MORE
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