Monday, February 20, 2017
  1. How to Survive the Trump Era

    Joseph E. Stiglitz

    How to Survive the Trump Era


     warns against false hope regarding the true nature of the US administration.

    Trump protest Wayne Taylor/Stringer
    In barely a month, US President Donald Trump has managed to spread chaos and uncertainty – and a degree of fear that would make any terrorist proud – at a dizzying pace. While most elected officials welcome being all things to all people, Trump has left no room for doubt about who he is. READ MORE
  2. Навигация в пространстве Трампа

    Michael Mandelbaum
  3. Макрон Необычный

    Kemal Derviş
  4. Темное искусство твитов Дональда Трампа

    Joseph S. Nye
  5. Трамп и его теория хаоса в госуправлении

    Jacek Rostowski
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299 pages

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