Thursday, April 27, 2017
  1. What Mandate for Theresa May?

    Chris Patten

    What Mandate for Theresa May?


     doubts that the UK's election in June will resolve the many questions surrounding Brexit.

    Theresa May Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
    The UK prime minister's decision to call a snap election reflects her hope of winning a large, docile majority in Parliament for whatever Brexit agreement she concludes with the EU. But, however large her victory in June turns out to be, if she strikes a bad deal – or no deal at all – her government can expect a very rough ride. READ MORE
  2. A Grand Strategy for Donald Trump?

    Koichi Hamada

    A Grand Strategy for Donald Trump?


     uses game theory to show where the US administration's foreign policy succeeds and fails.

    North Korea Ed Jones/Getty Images
    Accommodating aggressive behavior by "defectors" from international cooperation like North Korea will never bring peace, but establishing cooperation as the only viable option might. If the Trump administration follows such an approach, it could have the makings of an effective strategic doctrine. READ MORE
  3. Hoffnungsträger Macron

    Dominique Moisi
  4. Wer ist Marine Le Pen?

    Christine Ockrent
  5. Macrons Mission

    Harold James
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301 pages

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