Tuesday, January 24, 2017
  1. “Zombie” Apocalypse in the West?

    Hugo Drochon

    “Zombie” Apocalypse in the West?


     points to three things that Donald Trump's disaffected voters share with their French counterparts.

    Newsart for “Zombie” Apocalypse in the West? Thomas Samson/Stringer
    French politics has no analogue to the alt-right milieu that fueled Donald Trump’s campaign in the US. But supporters of French presidential candidate François Fillon share many Trump voters' rejection of multicultural identity politics, sense of marginalization, and dismissal of "elites" and expertise. READ MORE
  2. Trump’s Alternative Ethical Universe

    Lucy P. Marcus
  3. Le Brexit au pays de Trump

    Philippe Legrain
  4. America’s Russian Hypocrisy

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    America’s Russian Hypocrisy


     points out the duplicity in US allegations of Kremlin meddling in America's presidential election.

    Matryoshka Trump and Putin in Moscow Alexander Nemenov/Getty Images
    The allegations by US intelligence agencies that Russia purveyed fake news and released hacked emails, in order to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances against Donald Trump, are far from baseless. But what it really exposes is the pattern of duplicity that has pervaded US foreign policy. READ MORE
  5. Looking Back on Barack

    Jeffrey Frankel

    Looking Back on Barack


     thinks that the outgoing US president has not received nearly enough credit for his achievements.

    Obama farewell Anadolu Agency
    Upon entering office in 2009, US President Barack Obama confronted conditions more adverse than any incoming president had faced in many decades. Yet, despite his opponents' obstructionism, Obama achieved crucial economic and foreign-policy successes. READ MORE
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