Sunday, September 25, 2016
  1. Hlas pro lepší americký politický systém

    Jeffrey Frankel
  2. Krize evropského vedení

    Guy Verhofstadt
  3. The End of the European Supernation?

    Ana Palacio
  4. Truthiness on the March

    Lucy P. Marcus
  5. War or Peace in Colombia?

    Jorge G. Castañeda

    War or Peace in Colombia?


     explains why the recent deal to end the FARC insurgency could be rejected by voters next month.

    Columbia War Raul Arboleda/Stringer

    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was right to push for a peace deal with the FARC guerillas before the end of his second term in 2018. But, having staked his political future on the deal, and now losing popularity as the economy weakens, he should make the upcoming referendum on the agreement about peace, not about himself. READ MORE

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