Saturday, December 3, 2016
  1. Europe’s December Day of Reckoning

    Philipp Ther

    Europe’s December Day of Reckoning


     explains why the stakes of this Sunday's Italian referendum and Austrian presidential election are so high.

    Hoffer and Van der Bellen Jan Hetfleisch/Stringer

    The EU is the greatest alliance of democratic states in modern history, but, strangely, those who champion it have come to fear democratic votes. They are now waiting with bated breath for December 4, when Italians will vote on constitutional changes, and Austrians will choose their next president. READ MORE

  2. Can Fillon Beat Le Pen?

    Hugo Drochon

    Can Fillon Beat Le Pen?


     asks whether the Republican primary winner will be able to keep France's National Front out of power.

    Newsart for Can Fillon Beat Le Pen?

    Given the current political field in French politics, François Fillon will most likely face Marine Le Pen in the presidential election’s second round next May. Those who fear a Le Pen presidency are again putting their faith in the old “pacte républicain,” whereby centrist and leftist voters turn out to push Fillon over the line. READ MORE

  3. The Last Stand Against Populism

    Dominique Moisi

    The Last Stand Against Populism


     considers the consequences of a right-wing populist victory in France's upcoming presidential election.

    Marine Le Pen Christophe Morin/IP3

    There was a time, immediately after German reunification in 1990, when many French feared Germany. Today, the roles are reversed: in the wake of the UK's Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s triumph in the US presidential election, France is facing the prospect of a populist victory that would pull up the EU's Franco-German anchor. READ MORE

  4. Ten Consequences of Trump

    Anatole Kaletsky

    Ten Consequences of Trump


     is most worried about the long-term implications of the incoming US administration's agenda.

    trump Mark Wallheiser/ Stringer

    With the Republican Party in full control of the US government, fiscal stimulus will boost economic growth in the short term. But enacting large tax cuts and boosting public spending in an economy already nearing full employment implies accelerating inflation, higher interest rates, or probably some combination of the two. READ MORE

  5. The Disunited Kingdom

    Gordon Brown

    The Disunited Kingdom


     calls for a constitutional convention to rebuild the country after it leaves the European Union.

    Rochdale, UK as most deprived area Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Now that the Brexit referendum has revealed the UK's deep regional inequalities, there is a strong case to be made for a more federal union. To reunite the country, its centralist constitution should be revised to account for regional interests and aspirations, and powers should be devolved accordingly. READ MORE

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