Thursday, August 17, 2017
  1. Planning for Korean Reunification

    Lee Jong-Wha

    Planning for Korean Reunification


     warns that, in the absence of a contingency plan, a collapse of the Kim regime could be a disaster.

    South Korean Unification Ministry meeting Getty Images
    Like the fall of the Berlin Wall, a collapse of Kim Jong-un's regime in North Korea could happen quite suddenly. To prepare for that contingency, the United States and South Korea need to assure China that a reunified Korea would not be its enemy, and that American troops would not suddenly be stationed on its border. READ MORE
  2. Britain’s Road to Perdition

    Anatole Kaletsky

    Britain’s Road to Perdition


     thinks the UK government's proposed Brexit "interim period" is a recipe for yet another disaster.

    Theresa May Leon Neal/Getty Images
    The British political establishment is now converging on a form of Brexit that will satisfy neither the "Leave" nor the "Remain" camp. With this depressing prospect setting in, some are starting to wonder what it would take for Britons to change their minds about leaving the European Union. READ MORE
  3. China’s “Double-Freeze” Con

    Minxin Pei

    China’s “Double-Freeze” Con


     shows why a Chinese and Russian proposal for ending the North Korea crisis would not work.

    rally in pyongyang Kim Won-jin/AFP/Getty Images
    As the unprecedented exchange of white-hot rhetoric between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump has escalated, China has proposed a “double freeze,” in which North Korea would freeze its nuclear activities in exchange for the United States and South Korea freezing joint military exercises. But that solution has two critical flaws. READ MORE
  4. Jak přežít politické zhroucení Ameriky

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  5. India, A Land of Belonging

    Shashi Tharoor

    India, A Land of Belonging


     celebrates his country's unique diversity on the 70th anniversary of its independence.

    Indian forehead mark Eye Ubiquitous/Getty Images
    Today, the ideals that have long underpinned India's pluralistic democracy are being increasingly threatened by rising intolerance and an increasingly belligerent majoritarianism. On the 70th anniversary of India's independence, all Indians must rededicate themselves to their country's founding values. READ MORE
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