Thursday, December 8, 2016
  1. Hong Kong’s Independence Trap

    Chris Patten

    Hong Kong’s Independence Trap


     warns that embracing extremism threatens to undermine the pro-democracy cause in the city.

    Newsart for Hong Kong’s Independence Trap

    A fledgling independence movement is shaking things up in Hong Kong, and not in a good way. As soon as pro-democracy activists begin demanding independence, they risk splintering their support – and inviting more heavy-handed intervention from the Chinese government. READ MORE

  2. China’s Civilizational Diplomacy

    Zaynab El Bernoussi

    China’s Civilizational Diplomacy


     says the People's Republic is using its shared colonial history with the global South strategically.

    Plans for new Egyptian Capital displayed at Red Sea Resort Khaled Desouki/Getty Images

    China’s leadership on the world stage differs notably from the West’s, because it relies on addressing prospective partners on a more equal footing. In particular, China's emphasis on highlighting historical and cultural similarities helps to explain how it has expanded its sphere of influence so widely in recent years. READ MORE

  3. 自由民主的双赢幻想

    Kemal Derviş
  4. 12月,欧洲的反思日

    Philipp Ther
  5. 菲永能击败勒庞吗?

    Hugo Drochon
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