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The Year Ahead 2019

Political backlash evolved in 2018 into a global whiplash. The Great Disruption explores what is driving this growing rebellion against the assumptions that have shaped the international order since World War II.

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The Year Ahead 2018

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    How Inequality Works

    Angus Deaton
    • The political upheavals and populist incursions of the past few years owe much to widespread perceptions of inequality and economic injustice in advanced economies.

    • While median wages have stagnated, incomes at the top have continued to rise, and there is growing evidence to suggest that the two phenomena are connected.
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    Will Monetary Policy Trigger Another Financial Crisis?

    Alexander Friedman
    • Sustained unconventional monetary policies in the years after the 2008 global financial crisis created the conditions for the second-longest bull market in history.

    • But they also may have sown the seeds of the next financial crisis, which might take root as central banks continue to normalize their policies and shrink their balance sheets.

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The Year Ahead 2017

Read – and keep – this and all of the 24 commentaries by world leaders and top thinkers featured in Fatal Attraction – The Year Ahead, 2017.

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The Year Ahead 2016

Project Syndicate’s 2015 Year-End Supplement

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