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The Green Recovery

The Green Recovery focuses on what comes next, with an emphasis on biodiversity, energy, public investments, and financial and corporate governance. The recovery phase will bring far-reaching opportunities to accelerate the transition to renewable energies, reorient business and finance toward sustainable development, and reconsider our relationship with the planet. But it will also open a window for populists, nationalists, and others to exploit public anxieties and pursue zero-sum politics. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that averting the worst-case climate scenario will depend entirely on the actions taken (or not taken) in the 2020s. The stakes could not be higher.

The Green Recovery The Green Recovery
Cover Sustainability Comes of Age

The Green Recovery

Digital version of our special-edition magazine.

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  1. op_haass2_AHMAD SAHEL ARMANAFP via Getty Images_afghanistantaliban Ahmad Sahel Arman/AFP via Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    The World 9/11 Made

    Richard Haass

    Although the attacks 20 years ago did not usher in an era of global terrorism, they did usher in the so-called Global War on Terrorism. And that profoundly affected what the US did in the world, how the world came to regard the US, and how many Americans came to view their country’s foreign policy.

    argues that the main changes have stemmed from America's strategically misguided response to the attacks.

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