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The Year Ahead 2018




但我们必须尝试,因为关于生活满意度的调查揭示了一些令人不安的趋势。美国的综合调查(General Social Survey)显示,美国人的生活满意度在1990年达到顶峰,此后基本一路下降,虽然家庭收入有所上升(但升幅甚低)。其他主要经济体也出现了自我感受的福祉水平下降的趋势,包括意大利和法国,其中意大利的皮尤(Pew)生活满意度指标在2002年达到顶峰。

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  1. Taming the Tech Monster

    The promise that digital technologies would “democratize” information and bypass traditional power structures has been devoured by a new generation of corporate monopolists. Putting the Internet back in the hands of citizens will require nothing less than a new vision of the digital age.

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