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The Year Ahead 2018




但我们必须尝试,因为关于生活满意度的调查揭示了一些令人不安的趋势。美国的综合调查(General Social Survey)显示,美国人的生活满意度在1990年达到顶峰,此后基本一路下降,虽然家庭收入有所上升(但升幅甚低)。其他主要经济体也出现了自我感受的福祉水平下降的趋势,包括意大利和法国,其中意大利的皮尤(Pew)生活满意度指标在2002年达到顶峰。

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  1. Donald Trump delivers his address to a joint session of Congress  Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

    Trump’s Abominable Snow Job

    • In the 2016 US presidential election, Donald Trump presented himself as a populist who would protect America’s “forgotten” workers from the disruptions of trade and immigration and the nefarious designs of unnamed elites.

    • But, a year after assuming office, it has become abundantly clear that “America first” means workers come last.
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    PS Commentators’ Best Reads in 2017

    • For the first time, Project Syndicate has asked its contributors what they’ve been reading, and why. 

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