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The Year Ahead 2018


伦敦—众所周知,西方政治的核心是实用主义、安静的理性(quiet reason)和演化,政治活动家借此回避极端、寻求妥协。政治中间派不相信响声震天的分裂性言论,他们对于政治世界的运行,抱有一丝傲慢的态度。



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  1. Donald Trump delivers his address to a joint session of Congress  Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

    Trump’s Abominable Snow Job

    • In the 2016 US presidential election, Donald Trump presented himself as a populist who would protect America’s “forgotten” workers from the disruptions of trade and immigration and the nefarious designs of unnamed elites.

    • But, a year after assuming office, it has become abundantly clear that “America first” means workers come last.
  2. Project Syndicate

    PS Commentators’ Best Reads in 2017

    • For the first time, Project Syndicate has asked its contributors what they’ve been reading, and why. 

    • Their choices may surprise, but surely will not disappoint, readers seeking the most important books on history, politics, economics, as well as more than one novel.