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Winning the Peace in Ukraine

The outcome of the war in Ukraine will depend on whether its allies can extend the necessary military, political, and economic support to secure sustainable peace. To avoid an open-ended conflict that could plunge Europe into an even deeper crisis, Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU must be expedited.

COPENHAGEN – Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has caused unspeakable human suffering, including war crimes committed against thousands of innocent men, women, and children. The attacks on Ukraine’s cities and infrastructure have forced millions to flee their homes and resulted in damage estimated to total hundreds of billions of dollars. Moreover, the war’s impact has extended beyond Ukraine’s borders, fueling instability in Europe and around the world and driving up energy and food costs.

Despite Ukraine’s military prowess, its victory is not a foregone conclusion. The outcome of this war will depend on whether Ukraine’s allies extend the military, political, and economic support necessary for it to win and secure a sustainable peace. As the fighting rages on, the details of what this support should entail become increasingly apparent.

First, to avoid an open-ended war, the international community must make an unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s security. So far, Western support for Ukraine has been too reactive, responding to the situation on the ground, rather than proactively ensuring that the country is well-equipped. Ukraine’s allies must make a strategic decision to provide the military assistance it needs to reclaim territory occupied by Russia. This includes providing advanced weapons systems, such as modern fighter jets and long-range munitions, and developing Europe’s industrial base to meet Ukraine’s needs for the duration of the conflict.

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