Saturday, June 24, 2017
  1. Midwives Deliver Lives

    Jakaya Kikwete, ET AL

    Midwives Deliver Lives

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    &  call on world leaders to make one of the most cost-effective health-care investments possible.

    newborn John Wessels/AFP/Getty Images
    Midwives could save a million women and children's lives every year, but midwifery is still chronically neglected and underfunded by governments and communities around the world. It is time for midwifery to receive the attention that it deserves as a practical, highly cost-effective solution to a global health problem. READ MORE
  2. The Injustices of Zika

    Pia Riggirozzi

    The Injustices of Zika


     points out how the virus has exacerbated inequalities that disproportionately affect poor women.

    zika NurPhoto/Getty Images
    Outbreaks of communicable diseases in the developing world are bad enough from a health perspective. But they also have serious implications for social justice, as they expose and exacerbate longstanding human-rights crises, including by undermining already-weak public-services provision and deepening existing inequalities. READ MORE
  3. New Paths for Leadership in International Development

    Mark Suzman

    New Paths for Leadership in International Development


     calls on the UK to foster partnerships with other aid donors, particularly in the Middle East.

    vaccination Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images
    The UK should be proud of the tremendous progress its development leadership has brought, and that more governments are increasing their contributions to the cause. But the UK should also continue to advance its work in this area, building new partnerships with other donor countries, particularly in the Middle East. READ MORE
  4. Too Many Health Clinics Hurt Developing Countries

    Samuel Kargbo
  5. Science and International Development Policy

    Anne-Marie Slaughter, ET AL

    Science and International Development Policy

    &  show why technology experts often succeed where diplomats and conflict-resolution specialists fail.

    water tap Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images
    Mark Green, who was recently nominated to head the US Agency for International Development, has been hailed by advocates of aid and diplomacy. To advance his goals, Green would do well to increase the role of science and technology in development practice, building on the work of Barack Obama’s administration. READ MORE
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