Wednesday, April 26, 2017
  1. Uniting Against Malaria

    Julie Essiam, ET AL

    Uniting Against Malaria

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    &  emphasize that eradicating the disease is essential to unlock Africa's economic potential.

    malaria net Louise Gubb/Getty Images
    Building a prosperous African economy that works for all will be impossible, unless the continent eradicates the diseases that continue to deplete its communities of their most valuable resource: healthy people. One such disease is malaria, which in many African countries knocks a percentage point off annual economic growth. READ MORE
  2. Development Beyond the Numbers

    Selim Jahan
  3. The Low Cost of Ending Poverty

    Bjørn Lomborg
  4. Enlisting Women in Africa’s Health Fight

    Matshidiso Moeti

    Enlisting Women in Africa’s Health Fight


     calls for a more participatory approach to controlling and eradicating Neglected Tropical Diseases.

    baby healthcare africa BSIP/Getty Images
    Ongoing efforts to control and eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases in Africa have made considerable progress in the years since the world began paying attention to these illnesses. But the time has come to develop more innovative policy tools that address NTDs' social, economic, and etiological dynamics. READ MORE
  5. Saving Asia’s Mothers

    Anderson Stanciole, ET AL

    Saving Asia’s Mothers

    &  recommend targeted interventions to reduce the region's surprisingly high maternal mortality rate.

    pregnant woman Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket/Getty Images
    With all the talk about the impending “Asian century,” one might imagine that the region had moved beyond what are often viewed as poor-country health challenges, like high rates of maternal mortality. The reality is very different. READ MORE
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236 pages

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