Monday, September 26, 2016

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Noëlle Lenoir & Peter Singer

Beach Blanket Imbroglio

Noëlle Lenoir, former French minister of European affairs, defends banning burkinis (and burqas) on republican grounds. But Princeton’s Peter Singer says individual freedom takes precedence.

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Adair Turner and Michael Heise

Debate: Black Hawk Down?

Adair Turner, former Head of the UK Financial Authority, wants clear rules that enable central banks to use helicopter money to boost growth in ailing economies. But Michael Heise, Chief Economist of … read more

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Robert Skidelsky and Kenneth Rogoff

The Debt Dilemma

Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics at Harvard and a former IMF chief economist, thinks the US should lock in low borrowing rates by issuing longer-term bonds. But Robert Skidelsky of Warwick Unive… read more

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Ken Rogoff and Martin Feldstein

Brexit: A Democratic Victory?

The UK’s Brexit vote has thrown the country into turmoil and upended global markets. But whereas Martin Feldstein regards the outcome as a blow against an overweening EU, his Harvard colleague Kenneth… read more

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Newsart for The Helicopter Debate

The Helicopter Debate

With many economies struggling with deflationary pressure and deficient demand, so-called "helicopter drops" – the distribution of newly printed cash directly to households – is gaining traction as a … read more

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George Soros and Guy Verhofstadt author photos

Putin, Enemy of Europe?

Will Russian President Vladimir Putin succeed in dividing and destroying the EU by aggravating the many crises it faces? George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, and former Belgian Prime Minis… read more

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The New Normal, RIP?

Rising volatility in financial markets and further downward pressure on commodity and equity prices seem to herald renewed crisis and recession in both advanced and emerging economies. Will we soon be… read more

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ship worker in bangladesh

Can Economic Growth Alone Reduce Inequality?

Does fighting inequality require merely promoting economic growth, as today’s economic orthodoxy maintains, or are redistributive policies also necessary? Zia Qureshi and Steven Klees debate whether G… read more

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