Support Ahmad Massoud and the Afghan Resistance

The Taliban victory in Afghanistan has spurred celebration among jihadist groups around the world. By providing assistance to the fledgling resistance movement in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley, the international community can show it is serious about preventing the country from once again becoming a terrorist haven.

PANJSHIR, AFGHANISTAN – While the international community abandons Afghanistan, veteran warriors in the struggles against the Soviet Union and the Taliban are gathering in their old base camps deep in north-central Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley. Although some of the towns of Panjshir have fallen to the Taliban, a National Resistance Front, similar to the one that fought the Soviets and helped the United States overthrow the Taliban in 2001, has begun to mount a resistance campaign.

Their cause is both just and necessary, as a dizzying array of terrorist organizations are also gathering in other parts of the country. This is a clear and present danger for the entire world, because Afghanistan’s mountains and valleys have previously spawned and incubated jihadist movements that spread from Algeria to Libya, through Syria and Saudi Arabia. 

Re-establishment of Taliban rule is already inspiring many such groups. Al-Qaeda’s partners in the Syrian city of Idlib are rejoicing openly, and Hamas is celebrating. The Taliban’s return to power has provided violent Islamist groups not only a potent moral victory, but also, and more worryingly, a potential safe haven. Already, one of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden’s closest aides has returned triumphantly to Afghanistan. 

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