Trump the Traitor

PARIS – If Donald Trump were to become President, the United States would have a problem with many dimensions. So would the world.

To begin with, the problem would be his unfathomable vulgarity. America has seen many things, but not a potential president discussing the size of his penis during a televised debate.

The problem would also be his pathological hatred of women. In a 1992 conversation with architect Philip Johnson, reported in New York magazine, he said, “You have to treat ’em like shit.” He still views them as disgusting creatures, with – as he said of Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly – “blood coming out of [their] wherever.”

The problem would also be his unabashed racism. This is a man who, according to his first wife, long kept a collection of Hitler’s speeches on his bedside table, and who blithely calls blacks “lazy,” derides Mexicans as “rapists,” and judges Muslims collectively guilty for Islamist terrorism.